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  1. Ocean Atlas. Ocean Atlas sits on the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas. The artwork depicts a local Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the ocean above her in reference to the Ancient Greek myth of Atlas, the Titan who held up the heavens. Ocean Atlas is the largest single sculpture ever to be deployed underwater
  2. Nassau, Bahamas See All Artist, photographer, naturalist, and diver Jason deCaires Taylor introduced his record-breaking public sculpture to the crystal Bahamian waters in 2014
  3. Largest Underwater Sculpture Unveiled in the Bahamas. Ocean Atlas's depth is 5m to surface, off Nassau, Bahamas. Jason deCaires Taylor. Towering nearly 17 feet tall, the statue of the kneeling young Bahamian girl shows her supporting the ceiling of the water on her shoulders
  4. Then, I wanted to go see the world's largest underwater sculpture. Now, I realize these are not very lofty goals for the capital and largest city in the Bahamas. Nassau is home to 70% of the entire Bahamian population and historically a pirate haven. During the 1700's it was proclaimed Pirate Republic and home base to the famous Calico Jack.
  5. NASSAU, BAHAMAS. Ocean Atlas Snorkel & Lunch. Ocean Atlas is the largest single underwater sculpture in the world. Sculpted by Jason De Caires Taylor, standing 18 ft. tall and weighing 60 tons she is positioned to appear as if she has the weight of the ocean on her shoulders

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Jason deCaires Taylor is in the business of creating surreal and dream-like spaces, and his latest underwater sculpture is no exception. His latest project, called Ocean Atlas, saw him submerge an 18-foot-tall, 60-tonne statue of a girl in the seas off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. It is currently the largest underwater statue in the world It's the largest underwater sculpture in the world, and it's now just below Nassau in the Bahamas. The 18-foot-tall, 60-ton female sculpture is located off Nassau's west coast

Installed earlier this month on the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas, Ocean Atlas, is the lastest underwater sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor (), known for his pioneering effort to build submerged sculpture parks in oceans around the world.Taylor's cement figures are constructed with a sustainable pH-neutral material that encourages the growth of coral. Buried at Sea. September 23, 2016. Share. Nassau & Paradise Island. Known now as a living and breathing art gallery, the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF) Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden is one of New Providence's most popular snorkeling areas. The main pieces, Virtuoso Man and Ocean Atlas, are gorgeous. The largest known underwater statue is Ocean Atlas, made by sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and placed 16 feet underwater off Nassau, the Bahamas, in 2014. The statue was designed to draw attention. An 18-foot (5.5 meters), 60-ton statue called Ocean Atlas, was recently installed underwater off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. The giant structure was made by Jason deCaires Taylor, an. Sitting on 208 acres of land, Clifton Heritage National Park is one of New Providence's most interesting historical and environmental attractions. Historical ruins, caves, nature trails and a diverse ecosystem offer every visitor a unique experience. Learn More

the sculpture is submerged adjacent to the western coastline of new providence. commissioned by bahamas reef environment educational foundation, 'ocean atlas' aims to create an underwater. Discover The Musician in Bahamas: A full-scale sculpture of a mermaid and baby grand piano hidden underwater by David Copperfield The entire staff who works here is great. Bernique helped me schedule the excursion via e-mail. The bus picked me up from my room at the time specified. Timothy, the driver, gave us a tour as we drove from Nassau to the park. I ended up doing the snorkel tour, where we were able to see the world's largest underwater sculpture This Bahamas sculpture garden is underwater. Brekke Fletcher, CNN • Published 18th June 2020. (CNN) — There are 700 islands in the Bahamas, 2,000 beaches, 32 national parks -- and one. Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor designed Ocean Atlas, a 60 ton, 18-foot high sculpture that lies beneath the sea near New Providence in the Bahamas. It repres..

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The creator of world's first underwater sculpture park, Jason deCaires Taylor, in collaboration with BREEF (Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation) submerges another masterpiece, Bahamian. The video is 1080p HD! Don't forget to check your settings :)Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture GardenFeaturing the largest underwater sculpture in th.. And then along came this 18-foot-tall female Ocean Atlas sculpture, kneeling on the ocean floor off the coast of the Bahamas is not the work of fiction by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, his 'hardest ever commission'. Part of The Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden, the artwork was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, who previously. The sculpture, commissioned by Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation, aims to create an underwater sculpture garden in honour of its founder Sir Nicholas Nuttall and includes other works. Perched on the western tip of New Providence Island, Clifton Heritage National Park is a must-see for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the history, culture, and natural beauty of The Bahamas. Stroll hiking trails and observe some of the island's most prolific historic sites. Unwind on beautiful beaches, and don't forget your snorkel gear-some of Clifton Heritage Park's.

Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas is Nassau's leading full service dive resort operating a fleet of seven dive vessels, with five of the boats over 40 feet in length. Stuart Cove's is in the ideal physical location to take advantage of the diverse underwater geological formation Mermaid Reef, Abaco Island. For your next snorkel adventure, leave New Providence and its bustling capital of Nassau for the third biggest city in the Bahamas, Marsh Harbour, located on the Abaco Islands. Just off the Sea of Abaco is a delightfully multicolored feast for the (underwater, begoggled) eyes: Mermaid Reef The Bahamas is now home to the world's largest underwater sculpture. Just off the coast of New Providence, Jason deCaires Taylor's Ocean Atlas is a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young Bahamian girl who appears to be holding up the ocean, much like the mythological Titan Atlas shouldered the burden of the heavens

Another pretty beach to avoid the crowd is Jaws Beach, which is located further out to the west, near the largest underwater statue in the world. Cable Beach and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island are popular in their own rights, these are some of the larger beaches near Nassau and this is where you'll find the most popular resorts on the island Connected by bridge across Nassau Harbour, Paradise Island is home to large hotels and resorts, including Atlantis, and a handful of lively beaches. The Lay Of The Land. Nassau & Paradise Island, often considered the gateway to The Bahamas, consist of two islands: New Providence and Paradise Island. Stories The Bahamas, simply put, have some of the best snorkeling you will find anywhere.When featured in the news, most of these mentions discuss the undeniable star quality of the best Bahamian beaches and reefs, and all the unexpected things you can see, including golden shores, pink sands and swimming pigs.Whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving, the 700 plus islands that make up The Bahamas. The Bahamas have long been known as a boating paradise—but who knew the islands were equally perfect for indulging your artistic side? Just below Nassau's pristine marine horizon sits the world's largest underwater sculpture, a 60-ton marvel by the name of Ocean Atlas.The truly larger-than-life figure, designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, isn't just a sight to see, but a message for. From the man behind the Underwater Museum comes another incredible piece of underwater art. Meet Ocean Atlas, Jason deCaires Taylor's newest underwater sculpture submerged off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. This 18-foot tall and 60-ton statue of a girl is by far the largest underwater sculpture in the world

Ocean Atlas is massive new underwater figure sculpture by artist Jason DeCaires Taylor that was installed in the waters off Nassau, Bahamas earlier in October. The 60-ton concrete sculpture is 16 feet tall. Like Taylor's other underwater sculptures, it will double as an artificial reef. We previously posted about Urban Reef, Taylor's underwater house sculptures The Bahamas is now home to the world's largest underwater sculpture. Just off the coast of New Providence, Jason deCaires Taylor's Ocean Atlas is a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young. Ocean Atlas is the largest underwater statue located at Nassau, Bahamas, it's 18ft. tall and weighs 60 tonnes. Close. 4.8k. Posted by 28 days ago. 3. Ocean Atlas is the largest underwater statue located at Nassau, Bahamas, it's 18ft. tall and weighs 60 tonnes. 71 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted

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November 1, 2014, 5:31 AM. Just off the coast of the Bahamas, a giant waits beneath the waves. The nearly 2-story-high statue, dubbed Ocean Atlas, was lowered into place earlier this month and is the largest sculpture ever placed underwater. The statue, which stands 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and weighs 60 tons, depicts a Bahamian girl holding. Bigger in the Bahamas. The world's largest underwater sculpture comes with a message, and a mission. Ocean Atlas is a 60-ton, 18-foot-high depiction of a young Bahamian girl who appears to be holding up the ocean, much like the mythological Titan Atlas shouldered the burden of the heavens. The work is intended both as a reminder of the.

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The Bahamas are known for pink-sand beaches, insanely cool private islands, pigs that swim and great diving. And near Nassau, we've found a new treasure that's definitely worth diving for -- an artwork that is, according to its creator, the largest single underwater sculpture in the world In 2014, John was commissioned to create a sculpture for the world's first underwater sculpture garden, at Clifton Peer in Nassau. The result is a poetic portrait; a face that appears to peak through the sand, suggesting an entire body buried beneath the seabed Ocean Atlas off New Providence, Bahamas. The world's largest underwater statue is a credit also belonging to Taylor, the mind and chisel behind Ocean Atlas. The 60-ton figure symbolises the. On the western coast of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas, awaits the world's biggest underwater statue. This massive, 60-ton statue portrays a Bahamian girl holding the weight of the seas upon her shoulders. Christ of the Abys

Ocean AtlasNassau, Bahamas. Off the coast of Nassau sits the world's largest underwater sculpture, shallow enough for both snorkelers and divers to view. This 60-ton, 16-foot tall statue of a. Installation Date: 2019. The Ocean Siren is a 4m-high illuminated sculpture modelled on Takoda Johnson, a young indigenous girl from the Wulgurukaba tribe. She is holding a traditional indigenous communication device, a Bayliss shell and it is acting as a siren or warning signal that warm seas could be a risk to the Great Barrier Reef The world's largest underwater sculpture is found just off the coast of Nassau. Region: Chesapeake Bay Date Reported: Reported By: Source: Atlas Obscure . Editor's Note: Waterway Guide rolled out our new Bahamas 2019 edition just in time for Snowbirds heading South. Updated annually, the Waterway Guide Bahamas 2019 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring the. Paradise has never felt closer than when you cruise from Miami to the Bahamas aboard Norwegian Sky. On our private island, Great Stirrup Cay, you can recline in a private luxury villa alongside our new exclusive lagoon or snorkel the unique underwater sculpture garden The Bahamas Underwater Plane wreck is located at Staniel Cay Pablo Escobar's Drug Running Though it is often referred to as the Staniel Cay plane wreck, the infamous Staniel Cay Plane Wreck, which was discovered a day after its crash with illegal drugs packed inside, sits in a shallow part of the sea about ten miles off the coast of.

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Snorkel to the largest underwater statue in the northern hemisphere and the underwater wrecks of Jaws and Thunderball. This national park is located on the far western edge of New Providence Island, a perfect day trip from Nassau. 2. Pirates of Nassau Museum, Nassau, Bahamas. 4 Underwater Sculpture Garden The Virtuoso Man at the Underwater Sculpture Garden at the Clifton Heritage Park Nassau. The Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF) Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden is one of the more unique things to do in Nassau Bahamas. In fact it's the Bahamas very first underwater sculpture park Nassau's Ocean Atlas - It may be wise to outfit your phone or camera with an underwater protective casing before embarking in The Bahamas, as so many of the islands' wonders are beneath the blue. Nassau's Ocean Atlas, for instance, the largest underwater sculpture in the world, will certainly make an impression

Tour the western side of the island in an air-conditioned modern van and snorkel the largest underwater sculpture in the world! Private tour includes admission to Clifton Heritage, snorkeling guide, snorkeling gear, and bottled water. Explore the beauty of the western side of the island while learning the rich history and culture of the Bahamas 17 Unforgettable Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas. 1. Travel Like the Locals. By Jitney. Take a water taxi to reach blue water and white sand on Paradise Island. Hop on a Jitney, which is what they call the public bus, and take a tour of the island. The Jitneys operate daily, travel to many parts of the island and help you get the lay. An 18-foot- tall underwater statue weighing 60-tonnes is a wondrous creation all on its own. But Jason deCaires Taylor had bigger plans for this sculpture than its already giant size. He titles his latest sculpture, Ocean Atlas, and it includes this massive girl beneath the ocean waters off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas 3. Parliament Square. Nassau Old Town is right on the doorstep of Nassau Cruise Port. The closest of the Old Town sights is Parliament Square which has a statue of Queen Victoria. Walk out of Nassau Cruise Terminal, and continue straight ahead and it's 1 block backwards. (3 minute walk) 4. Government House Ocean Atlas is the most recent work by underwater sculpture artist Jason deCaires Taylor, installed earlier this month off the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas

Ocean Atlas. Nassau, Bahamas The world's largest underwater sculpture is found just off the coast of Nassau. Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor and creator of the world's first underwater sculpture park - the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park and underwater museum.He is best known for installing site-specific underwater sculptures which develop into artificial coral reefs. Bahamas makes a great destination if you want to chill out and laze by the beach for your water fun in Bahamas. If you are in Nassau, you have two main areas to consider - Paradise Island or Cable Beach. Head to Clifton Heritage Park and you will find a great underwater statue snorkelling site. Ocean Atlas is an underwater sculpture. Made in Water is in Nassau, Bahamas. 8 hrs ·. FREE DIVING with the famous underwater sculpture in Nassau . Your dreams can be a reality once you send DM and book your tour today . #freedivingphotography #freedivingbahamas #freedivingnassau #gopro #underwaterworld #underwatersculpture. 44. Like Comment Share Sightseeing and snorkeling largest underwater sculpture in the world! learn more. Nassau Museums / Culture Tours. Bahamas Art & Culture Experience. Tour in Nassau, Bahamas: Trueranda gave us an informative and delightful day in Nassau. Marilyn Gray - Nov, 2019 About ToursByLocals. 4,604. Leased from Belcher Oil Company in 1977 and later purchased outright in 1986, Great Stirrup Cay is a private 268-acre island oasis. It is home to a lush coconut plantation, an automated lighthouse.

Private Luxury Sunseeker Boat Charter from Nassau to Northern Exuma, Central Exuma or Harbor Island. Full Day Excursions on a beautiful sunseeker. Visit the famous Bahamian Swimming Pigs, Nurse Sharks, Sunken Drug Smuggler's plane, Grotto, and More Or, get your fill of nature snorkeling the underwater sculpture garden at Clifton Heritage National Park. A must-do for any trip to Nassau is a walk through the straw market on Bay Street, where local craftsmen display and sell their treasures for souvenirs. See the Bahamas from a different point of view with a snorkeling or scuba excursion. Clifton Heritage National Park is ranked #7 out of 16 things to do in Bahamas. See pictures and our review of Clifton Heritage National Park. largest underwater sculpture (Ocean Atlas) and an. If you like your Airbnb in Nassau, Bahamas simple but tasteful, this slightly unusually-shaped cottage is minimalist and charming in its own way. Enjoy the queen bed and the dining table, but take advantage of the mere 20 seconds to the beach. Visit the world's largest underwater statue! Guests will begin the tour at the Coral Harbour.

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Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas located on the island of New Providence. It is a historical, cultural and business center of the islands. Nassau as a tourist center is interesting for travelers thanks to its monuments of the colonial period, beach rest, and a variety of objects of the modern entertainment industry, and shopping Jun 14, 2021 - Explore Ccspaul's board Underwater photos on Pinterest. See more ideas about underwater photos, underwater, underwater photography Apr 13, 2021 - Things to do and see while in Nassau. http://www.fandctravel.com/ecstasy-bahamas-5-night/ . See more ideas about bahamas, nassau, bahamas cruise Memories await while discovering the hidden gems of The Bahamas in comfort and style aboard our 38ft Fountain powerboats. Visit 5 cays in one day, Pieces of 8 has an action-packed day all for ($400) Adults ($365) Kids 5-11. Take a quick 2-hour trip from New Providence to Exuma while touring all Exuma Cays

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Explore the underwater sculpture garden and above-ground historical sites, known as the Pirate Steps, at Clifton Heritage Park. Nuzzle with friendly bottlenose dolphins in a private lagoon, perfect for kids of all ages or explore the downtown area around Rawson Square. Travel across the harbor to Paradise Island, Atlantis and its more than 200. British-Guyanese sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor has created what is believed to be the world's largest underwater statue in Nassau, Bahamas. The 60-tonne artwork, entitled Ocean Atlas, represents a young Bahamian girl bearing the weight of the ocean on her shoulders Aside from the fact that this Ocean Atlas is very huge, this particular sculpture becomes more gigantic and notable when it is situated underwater. This is sculptured by Jason deCaires. He named his masterpiece as Ocean Atlas. This massive girl statue is situated beneath the waters of Nassau Coast in the Bahamas

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TOURISM TODAY: Underwater Sculpture Garden; NASSAU, Bahamas, Feb. 8, 2021 - The Bahamas, one of the world's leading destinations for weddings and honeymoons, is gearing up to host two virtual events - From The Bahamas With Love - to showcase the vast offerings for romantic escapes throughout the destination. The expo will bring together. Pictured is an artist's rendition of the 18-foot-tall Atlas sculpture kneeling on the ocean floor, holding the surface of the sea on her shoulders off the coast of New Providence, Bahamas

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  1. HG Christie - Your Bahamas Real Estate & Lifestyle Guidesan. Did you know that The Bahamas is now home to The World's Largest Underwater Sculpture?. A short swim off the coast of western New Providence (entrance $10 through the Clifton Pier National Heritage Park), British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor's Ocean Atlas is a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young Bahamian girl who appears.
  2. 22.3k Likes, 210 Comments - PADI (@paditv) on Instagram: Ocean Atlas is the world's largest underwater sculpture located in Nassau, Bahamas.
  3. There are 700 islands in the Bahamas, 2,000 beaches, 32 national parks-- and one underwater art installation.. Off the western coast of New Providence island that holds the capital Nassau, visitors will discover an unforgettable site -- the BREEF Coral Reef Sculpture Garden

Found just off the coast of Nassau in Bahamas, this is the largest underwater sculpture in the world. Called Ocean Atlas, it's the work of artist, diver and naturalist Jason deCaires Taylor, who. Enjoy the most breathtaking views as a professional guide snorkels with you through the crystal clear waters of Clifton Heritage. You will be amazed by the underwater sculpture garden, plane wrecks, and the most beautiful marine life at our picturesque coral reefs. Popular movies such as 'Jaws the Revenge', 'Thunderball', 'Flipper', and 'Never.

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  1. Snorkel The Ocean Atlas Sculpture in Clifton Heritage Park New Providence Island near Nassau in The Bahamas. This is something to do that few have talked about yet. Hidden in the Bahamas Clifton Heritage National Park is Ocean Atlas, an underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor that stands 16 feet off the seafloor and weighs more than.
  2. Nassau/Paradise Island is the home of the Bahamian national capital. Welcome to Nassau, bustling hub of The Bahamas since the shipwrecking days of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. Prized for its sheltered harbour, the city made history and preserved it beautifully in Victorian mansions, cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses and a Queen's.
  3. Top Things to do in the Bahamas 1. Shark Dive. My dad is crazy and he really, Snorkel at the underwater sculpture garden. Visit Clifton Heritage National Park and snorkel in the underwater sculpture garden. It is located in Nassau on the new providence island
  4. Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas, and one of the cruise industry's most-visited ports of call. Nassau welcomed more than 3.85 million cruise passengers in 2019, and that number was.
  5. Snorkel the underwater sculpture garden, or manufactured shipwrecks from Jaws: The Revenge, and James Bond's Thunderball. Kick back seaside at Flipper Beach, where the television show Flipper, was filmed. Housed in a 1860s great house, dubbed Villa Doyle is the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. The museum holds the national.

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View an underwater sculpture garden. Nassau is home to the world's largest underwater sculpture, an 18-foot-high, 60-ton piece of art called Ocean Atlas by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Snorkel or scuba to see it in the Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden, behind Clifton Heritage Park and reachable by boat or by land Snorkeling Tour. If you crave adventure, Clifton's Snorkel tour is perfect for you! During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the world's famous Sir Nicolas Nuttal's Underwater Sculpture Garden which hosts the world's largest underwater sculpture (Ocean Atlas), breathtaking coral reefs and a famous plane wreck from the James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again The closure mostly affected the short itineraries of Norwegian Sky, which instead visited Nassau and Freeport (Grand Bahama) / Key West FL. The new zip-line course (length 1000 ft / 305 m) has 2 parallel lines. The new underwater sculpture garden is a snorkeling / diving attraction (waterproof maps are provided) Beach at Clifton National Heritage Park, Nassau Photo: photravel_ru, Shutterstock Nearby Snorkel Beach is a great place to snorkel offshore and see Sir Harry Nuttal's wonderful Underwater Sculpture Garden which has the biggest sculpture (The Atlas) in the whole of western hemisphere It is an 8 ft tall sculpture of a man on his knees looking out into the future with a staff in his hand. This garden features a giant sculpture which is the largest undersea sculpture in the world. A 8 ft tall sculpture by myself, a large Arawak mask by Andret John and around 50 Reef Balls of varying sizes. Reef Balls are hollow with openings.

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  1. From the robust statue garden to the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, the abundance of diverse aquatic life is sure to mesmerize you. Bahamas. Pick your passion with two incredible options. With crystal blue waters, Nassau is the shark enthusiasts dream dive location and Exuma is home to an abundant array of wildlife
  2. Here we can at low tide we can walk the famous mile long surfacing sand bar and swim with the underwater statue of a mermaid playing the piano. There's also have a great secret spot where if timed right we can swim with local Bahamian green turtles
  3. Be captivated by the beautiful views of the western side of the city, the oldest settlement in New Providence, the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Bahamas and more! Enjoy the breathtaking guided snorkeling of an underwater sculpture, coral reefs, and plane wrecks. Professional snorkeling guide, snorkel equipment, and admission to Clifton Heritage National Park are included in the price
  4. New Providence Island is only 21 miles long and 11 miles wide and yet is full of things to do.. Let's check out some of the best things to do in Nassau, Bahamas on your next cruise. Disclosure.

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