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  1. The great Don Edmunds was of an integral part of the design of the original Bill Thomas Cheetah. His unique methodology and vision is directly responsible for the amazing and timeless look of the Cheetah. This image is the finished product that is the Bill Thomas 1963 Cheetah Proto-type
  2. Bill Thomas' iconic Cheetah race car from the 1960s garnered a huge following for its radical looks, backdoor inception at General Motors and its near arrival as a Cobra killer on America's race tracks. Yes, if the Cheetah had been born earlier, or had General Motors not imposed a competition ban in 1963, the fuel-injected 327-powered.
  3. This is a replica car styled after the 1963 Bill Thomas Cheetah The Bill Thomas Cheetah was originally built by Bill Thomas of Chevrolet to be the competitor for the Shelby Cobra GT. Due to its popularity and its creation of competition for Chevrolet's famous Corvette, Chevrolet stopped backing the production of these cars and only a very small.

Obviously we're not talking about an original Cheetah race car in this animal analogy, but it is indeed a Bill Thomas Cheetah recreation, and I certainly wouldn't mind bringing it home to my own garage. Since the original Cheetah production was ended in 1964, several companies have released their own Cheetah-derived sports cars Absolutely Beautiful and Unique Car! There are only a handful of these in the world! This is a replica / kit from the Bill Thomas Cheetah line, it was custom built. The Bill Thomas Cheetah was originally built by Bill Thomas of Chevrolet to be the competitor for the Shelby Cobra GT Cheetah Evolution. Craig Ruth - 216-244-0338 - craig@cheetahevolution.com. Bill Thomas' iconic Cheetah race car from the 1960s garnered a huge following for its radical looks, backdoor inception at General Motors and its near arrival as a Cobra killer on America's race tracks. Yes, if the Cheetah had been born earlier, or had General Motors.

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  1. The car was completed in 2021. According to a Wikipedia article, the Cheetah was conceived in 1963 as a street and track car by Bill Thomas and Don Edmunds. It used Chevrolet drive train and suspension components in a custom chassis and body. About 23 cars were completed before a fire at the manufacturing facility and the evolving nature of car.
  2. The car's creators, Bill Thomas and Don Edmunds, built the Cheetah to compete against the Cobra 289 and the Ferrari 250GTO, which were winning every contest in sight in the early '60s
  3. Before Bill Thomas' death he was fortunate to see the Cheetah reborn. In 2001 Robert Auxier was licensed by Thomas to recreate and sell the authorized Bill Thomas Cheetah Continuation Turnkey Collectible and the car is built and sold by Auxier's company, BTM LLC of Arizona. For safety reasons, the continuation Cheetah is not an exact.
  4. Cheetah Replica. The CAT is back, ready to terrorize the track! Shell Valley Classic Wheels Inc., Cheetah Replica Kit Car. This beast has an aerodynamic, high quality state-of-the-art roadster body. This classic comes with smooth, sandable gelcoat finish. It is totally reinforced with fiberglass matte, resin and chopped glass
  5. The Bill Thomas Cheetah was a truly unique American sports car and an answer to the Chevrolet Corvette. Powered by a Chevy small block V8 it was a wild roller coaster ride of a race car and one of the most popular slot cars ever. Even Batman (in the old action /comedy show ) raced one as his personal slot racer. The Cheetah Slot Car is.
  6. The Cheetah is a beautiful car but for people wanting to buy one be careful who you get it from. your story is on robert auxier but he has lawsuits against him and even recently tried to sell the whole cheetah operation on ebay. dropped price to as low as $25k i think with no buyers. he says he is business with Bill Thomas family but looks like they disagree

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  1. This Bill Thomas Cheetah coupe replica was purchased by a friend of the current owner in the early 1990s and was stored as an unfinished shell prior to the seller's acquisition in 2017. The body is believed by the seller to be one of several continuation bodies built by BTM LLC of Arizona, and the car was completed by the seller in 2019
  2. Bill Thomas Cheetah. Annual show of a local model car club yesterday. Lots of clever stuff and nice work, too. Article by John Pittman. 44. Crazy Cars Weird Cars Cool Cars Model Cars Kits Kit Cars Plastic Model Kits Plastic Models Classic Race Cars Slot Car Racing. More information..
  3. The 1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah Continuation Collectible Coupe and Cro-Sal Special Roadster. The Cheetah Specs... Every Loving Detail. Tremendous power and low weight were the main ingredients to achieving some legendary stats - 185mph at RoadAmerica, 215mph at Daytona . . . but it took lots more, down to the last detail
  4. Built as a competitor to the Shelby Cobra, Bill Thomas' Cheetah was a mid-engined V8 racecar that won 11 SCCA races during its career. With only 19 original cars built (and many continuation cars), the Cheetah is a rare sight to see and it takes a brave soul to get behind the wheel of this whirly machine #DriveHistor
  5. The car has a bit of a following because of plastic models and slot cars back in the 1960s. Unlike the other firms building Cheetahs, Robert Auxier established a relationship with the late Bill Thomas and was licensed by Thomas to build up to 100 continuation Cheetahs, made by BTM in Arizona using the original molds and fixtures
  6. A Legend Reborn. The Bill Thomas Cheetah. Cheetah Continuation Collectible Distributors LLC - The 1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah Coupe and Cro-Sal Special Roadster. 26 Century Drive / Oswego, IL 60543 / 630.554.7444

Casey Putsch describes owning, restoring, and racing a 1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah with Weber carburetors and Rochester Fuel Injection. Instagram https://www.in.. This is a professionally made drag race Cheetah funny car body fiberglass mold that is in excellent condition. The original Cheetah gull wing coupe was a spectacular design by the late Bill Thomas. I was told when I bought this mold that one body had been pulled from it which became the Itchy Rat Cheetah funny car Discussion on the 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. Building your own Replica. This forum is for those of you building your own replica or kit-car. Please no postings by manufacturers or corporate entities - Please no soliciting. Share. Share with: Winslow Cheetah chassis info needed. I may have a copy? by. The Bill Thomas Cheetah was a sports car car built from 1963-1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas as a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. The prototype was designed jointly by Thomas and Don Edmunds. The racing history of the Cheetah is noteworthy in that despite the fact that the car suffered from the t

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1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah Coupe Project made by BTMLLC of Arizona, Body package mounted on correct style 4130 round tube chassis with Aluminum & fiberglass Interior Saleofcar.com :Replica/Kit Car Brand BIG KITKAT ER, CAT KIT! The Cheetah, devised by Bill Thomas, was always regarded by the GM fraternity as a 'Cobra killer' especially in the USA. Thomas was a handy mechanic and tuner of repute who also successfully drag-raced a Corvette, thus coming to the attention of the factory. Lots of hot Corvettes and Corvairs came out of his workshop. This is a BTM Cheetah built by Bill Thomas motors. This car was hand built by the absolute authority on all things Cheetah Mr. Bob Auxier. Bob Auxier heads up BTM. At the time of the build it was the only roadster Cheetah built with a big block The 22 numbers on the hood and side and the black hood stripe are vinyl graphics and could be removed.

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This 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah (chassis 029) was originally delivered painted Sebring Silver with a Rochester injected, 360 horse 327ci Chevy V8 and what the ad says are super-rare long-range dual fuel tanks. Later factory revisions include fitment of Thomas' dual air meter injection followed by a 396 and ultimately an alloy head L88 427 The Bill Thomas Cheetah was designed as a Corvette-powered Cobra killer, and the cleanest example extant is going to auction. Read the story and see the photos at Car and Driver Back in 1963, Bill Thomas was to Chevrolet what Carroll Shelby was to Ford. With master fabricator Don Edmunds, Thomas set up Bill Thomas Race Cars, which created the Chevy-powered Cheetah to go. Cheetah Evolution. February 6 ·. Here is a great article about my good friends Matt and Shane from V12LS. Their engineering is awesome and their passion should be an example to all of us. We have done two Cheetah Evolutions with this engine, one cast iron and one in alloy. I'm looking forward to future builds with them as well Thoroughly documented and famously featured in Automobile Quarterly, Volume 19-3, the car is otherwise original and unrestored. Bill Thomas' son, Bill Thomas III, has certified this car as No. 4 of the 11 first-design original Cheetahs, writing in a letter to Sam Goins dated March 11, 2018, Your Cheetah absolutely is one of the most complete and original Cheetahs, and it lives up to.

The Cheetah has a storied history as the car has been made by a few different groups over the years and was used extensively for racing in the 1960s. It can all be traced back to Bill Thomas, who. For Sale (1) : 1963 Bill Thomas Cheetah Replica Absolutely Beautiful and Unique Car! There are only a handful of these in the world! The Bill Thomas Cheetah was originally built by Bill Thomas of Chevrolet to be the competitor for the Shelby Cobra GT Scale Auto is the leading authority for car modelers. Great how-to content and kit reviews help builders of all skill levels to improve their 1/16, 1/24, 1/25, and small-scale models. Expert columnists offer tips and solutions to modeling problems about muscle cars, racing vehicles, dioramas, and trucks. Bill Thomas Cheetah Racer on Bring a. Details about Vintage 1964 COX Slot Car Bill Thomas CHEETAH Body Cragar Wheels 1/32 Scale RUNS See original listing. Vintage RUSSkit 1/32 Lotus 23 Slot Car Kit (Slot Racing Car Vacuum Body Set) $351.50. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 5 watchers 5 watchers 5 watchers

Bill Thomas wanted to out-Cobra the Cobra, but the original Cheetah that he produced had homicidal intentions. The continuation cars have sorted out some of the problems, and the end result is a. The Kit Car List of kitcar manufacturers includes over 750 different manufacturers, builders and dealers of kit cars, turnkey vehicle kits, assembled vehicle kits, auto component builders, handbuilts, replicas and high performance race cars for the home built enthusiast with up-to-date contact information, links to websites, and thousands of actual kitcar photos of almost every kitcar. 1964 Cheetah Race Car In the 1960's, Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas was tasked with designing a competitor to the Shelby Cobra. He came up with the Cheetah, and this 1964 Cheetah Race Car is one of only 15 known to survive in the world today. Designed and engineered with American components, this 64' is the only Cheetah built and raced with the Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminum.

A kit car is an automobile that is available as a set of parts that a manufacturer sells and the buyer then assembles into a functioning car. Usually, many of the major mechanical systems such as the engine and transmission are sourced from donor vehicles or purchased new from other vendors. 1963 Bill Thomas Cheetah T-Shirt - Long Sleeves. The Cheetah, was a tube frame race car powered by a small block Chevy built by Bill Thomas in the early 60s. It was a pretty sexy looking thing getting ready to do battle with the Cobras when the factory burned in 1965. BTM put together a continuation project with the blessing of Bill Thomas and, to this point, they've produced 10 186 Posts. Last post Video - Alan Green Chevrolet Cheetah at Westwood BC, Canada August 1964 by Tom Piper. Mar 03, 2019. Misc. Question & Ideas. Misc. questions, comments, history, notes, etc regarding any original Bill Thomas Cheetahs. Moderator: Pappa Smurf Driving a Bill Thomas Cheetah will make your palms sweat. Fred Yeakel wasn't looking to sell his Ferrari 250 Lusso in 1989. I would get offers all the time and just say no, the 77-year-old Yeakel says. But this one guy wouldn't go away. After a few months of calls I told him I'd trade it for a Cheetah just to get rid of him.

There are no related products covering the Bill Thomas Cheetah in 1:32. News Feed. The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. More about the Bill Thomas Cheetah car. The Bill Thomas Cheetah-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this vehicle The Bill Thomas Cheetah is a pretty brutal bit of racing kit, but more importantly, I think it's one that could have materially added to the story of American racing success in the 1960s had it found a more willing partner in Chevrolet The Bill Thomas Cheetah was a sports car car built from 1963-1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas as a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. In the late 50's, Thomas had tremendous success racing Corvettes and he gained the attention of influential men within GM. By 1960, Thomas had.. More about Bill Thomas Cheetah. The Bill Thomas Cheetah-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this vehicle. This topic is categorised under: Vehicles » Cars » Bill Thomas Cheetah. Join us now After looking at this cool 1964 Cheetah convertible replica, maybe look up Bill Thomas and the origins of the Cheetah, a read that's not only exciting and interesting, but puts this awesome little roadster into perfect context. Nobody really knows how many Cheetahs were actually built, with most pegging the number in the low-20s

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Lot #1376 - This is #006 competition Cheetah built at Bill Thomas Race Cars in Anaheim, CA. It was ordered new in '64 by Jack Goodman, owner of Clarence Dixon Cadillac Dealer in Hollywood, CA. It is one of 15 known to survive in the world today. This is the only Cheetah ever built and raced with the famous Corvette heavy-duty 427ci L88 aluminum. 1964 Bill Thomas Super Cheetah Alloy Pro... Learn more about 1964 Bill Thomas Super Cheetah Alloy Prototype on Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. bitemejagof Oct 22, 2018 - Building an FIA Bill Thomas Cheetah race car. 327ci Chevy small block V8. C2 Chevrolet Corvette running gear. Drum brakes The Cheetah was a Chevrolet supported and Bill Thomas spearheaded effort to build a car that could take on the mighty Shelby Cobras that were making a huge impact on the international road racing scene of the mid 1960s 1965 Cheetah Coupe History R oad Racing categories have always been exciting and competitive which often bred many unique and creative racing machines. The 1950s was particularly exciting as road racing specials, kit cars, and modifieds seemed to roam the tracks one circle at a time, turning heads and winning trophies

The exact number of cars built is still unclear, but it is somewhere around 15. At least one was a roadster, and prices ranged from $7,500 for a street car to $12,000 for one of the race-prepped monsters. Those seeking a Cheetah to buy would be hard-pressed to find one, which is one reason why a company started building continuation cars in 2007 Bill Thomas' Cheetah was one of the few cars that could give Carroll Shelby's Cobras fits in the mid-Sixties, and Goins had chanced upon the one Cheetah perhaps most responsible for its fearsome reputation: the car clocked at 215 mph at Daytona. Now, more than 50 years of maintaining his Cheetah in as-raced condition, Goins has decided to. The Bill Thomas Cheetah American sports/racing car, a Chevrolet-based coupe first designed and driven in 1963, was an attempt to challenge Carroll Shelby's Shelby Cobra in American sports car competition of the 1960s era. Cheetah-Wikipedi Bill Thomas : Cheetah. To know more about Bill Thomas Cheetah, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 3 other Bill Thomas items too! Saved by Sumally. 150. Ferdinand Porsche Ferrari Road Race Car Race Cars Le Mans Jaguar Mustang Audi Karts. More information..

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Jun 20, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by KingSlayer Customs. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Bill Thomas' Cheetah - 1/43 Scale Cars. Read More: Click Here. From that moment on, my affair with which, I think is the best scale car kit ever produced, began. And here my comment: probably, you have seen better detailed kits, or even superb models limited editions. By Rick & Jannine Bennett

Now there's a 1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah replica, a one-of-a-kind car, which is being offered for sale through Crown Concepts. This is definitely a unique chance to grab such a wonderful toy. Photo credit: Crown Concepts. Overall, this replica car looks just like the original Cheetahs, although the rear wheel fender flares are a nice deviation 27452 Bill Thomas Cheetah No.11, 1964,Evolution 1/32. Digital upgrade ready (can add plug and play chip for digital racing

The awe-inspiring Cheetah, born of vision and guts and a commitment to build a car that would shatter track records along with the Cobra's dominance. With storied race-car builders Don Edmunds and Don Borth, Bill Thomas built a car that in turn built a new story of speed. 185 mph at RoadAmerica. 215 mph at Daytona For Sale (1): 1963 Bill Thomas Cheetah Replica Absolutely Beautiful and Unique Car! There are just a handful of these on the planet! The Bill Thomas Cheetah was initially constructed by Bill Thomas of Chevrolet to be the rival for the Shelby Cobra GT I wish there was a kit of... 1/24 Bill Thomas Cheetah 1/24 Bill Thomas Cheetah. automotive; By konda24, September 27, 2015 in I wish there was a kit of... Share More sharing options... Followers 1. Recommended Posts. konda24. Posted September 27, 2015. konda24. IPMS/USA Member

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The March 1964 review in Hot Rod magazine announced, A new member of the fast, `good-handling' group is the Cheetah, a beautiful car built by Bill Thomas Race Cars in Anaheim, CA The original Bill Thomas-designed Cheetah was a monstrous straight-line car, using a Chevy-sourced V8 power to hustle the seriously compact sports car around popular road courses of the era. Of course, its handling was always less than confidence inspiring, so it shined the brightest on straightaways (and drag strips), where it was poised to challenge..

by Mike - Bill Thomas created the Cheetah to compete with the Shelby Cobra in 1963 and produced 16 or 17 examples between 1963 and 1965. Thomas had help from Chevrolet in the beginning because they wanted to beat the Ford powered Shelby Cobras at racing. There may only be 11 original Cheetahs left now. The prototype was designed by Thomas and Don Edmunds Before Bill Thomas produced his 1964 Cheetah there was a special -- well remembered in mid-1950s American road racing -- that carried the name Cheetah. Built by John Plaisted in 1954, and raced by John and his son Stutz well into the 1960s, the Plaisted Cheetah was a classic example of an American special developed specifically for road racing

Bill Thomas Cheetah I think, there was one at Goodwood Festival of Speed. 15. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 2h. Seen the Cheetah at FOS. Red, wasn't it? 4. Reply. Share. More like a kit car based on a Sting Ray. 2. Reply. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread. The amazing story of Bill Thomas' Race Cars badass (pre-Charger) Chevy II / Nova Fastback, bought by CKC Racing Team back in 1964 for $2500! Supposedly it has survived and resides somewhere in PA after changing hands-- Up until that time, the fastest car I had ever driven was a Corvette. That Chevy II use The Bill Thomas Cheetah Red Classic Rare Condition Sports Car 2 door 1963 RWD 1965 427 LeMans Cheetah EXP Aluminum body proto-type 1of1 Bill Thomas Chevrolet 1968 Chevy Camaro SS 396 Orig Modified by Bill Thomas Match# 396 12 Bolt Pos

1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah Re-creation being offered for sale. $65000 obo BTM body to exact shape and specs as original cars. Chromoly tube chassis built similar to original cars but with suspension points for C4 Corvette parts Suspension is new C4 Corvette front and rear, full coilovers front and rear, Corvette C4 disc brakes LS1 motor with cam and dual Holley 4 barrel carb The Cheetah legacy, however, was far from deceased, because back in November of 2001 BTM came into an agreement with Bill Thomas to build some 100 continuation cars. When talking about the American road race scene, Shelby and his Ferrari-murdering Cobra will always be exalted, but at least the Vette and Bowtie worlds, thanks to Bill Thomas, can. I've been a fan of the Bill Thomas Cheetah since..... well, forever. Would it be cheaper to buy it in kit form or buy a ready built car (possibly subject to VAT and duty?) If you're unfamiliar with the Cheetah, you're in for a treat. A man by the name of Bill Thomas started his automotive career by modifying and building Corvette racecars for C.S. Mead Chevrolet Motors. After getting his foot in the industry's door, Bill Thomas opened up his own shop—Bill Thomas Race Cars Cheetah On Ebay Would Make Bill Thomas Proud Gm Authority Finished Building A 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica Uses A Factory Five Kit And Ford Coyote V8 Crate Engine Carporn Ferrari Replica Kit Car Dimitry Gerards Flickr Rcr Ferrari P4 Replica Project For Sale On Bat Auctions Closed On November 26 2019 Lot 25 574 Bring A Trailer Race Car Replicas.

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Bill Thomas might've thought things couldn't get much worse until his shop burned down in 1966, consuming Edmunds's hand-carved wooden body bucks for the Bearcat and Cheetah, along with assembly. 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah Replica Surfaces For Sale: eBay Find We are currently looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to join our team. Make $60k-$80k per year doing what you love This Cheetah is a roadster replica of the radical Chevy V8 sports car of the 1960s. No Chevy fan would ever mistake this Cheetah replica for the real thing, since there were no roadster versions of the radical sports coupes designed and built in the 1960s by racer Bill Thomas to compete against the Ford-powered Shelby Cobras Cheetah, the Ill-fated Cobra Killer. there was no way for Bill Thomas to build so many cars. several Cheetah-inspired kit cars have been built by various companies, but not even close to. The Bill Thomas Cheetah was an American sports car designed and engineered entirely with American components, and built from 1963 to 1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas. It was developed as a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. Very few '63 Bill Thomas Cheetah Coupe are still on the road

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Hemmings Find: 1964 Cheetah Cobra Killer. Enter builder Bill Thomas of Southern California. He was approached by GM and asked to design and build a Cobra Killer for road racing. With the introduction of the Shelby Cobra and Daytona coupe to American road racing circuits in the 1960's, FIA and SCCA competitors certainly had their hands full JLB Racing CHEETAH 21101 ATR 1/10 4WD RC Truggy Car Brushless Without. Brand New. C $316.59. Buy It Now. +C $45.75 shipping estimate. from United States

The Cheetah borrowed more from Corvette than drivetrain and suspension parts - it uses tail lights from a '61-62 'Vette too. These have been seen in various configurations, such as the use of dual lights on each side. The monster gas filler is an old Indy car unit that's no longer available. BTM even reproduces the original Bill Thomas. FAST CAT: THE BILL THOMAS CHEETAH - Speedhunters. One of my favorite Corvettes for the joyous insanity of it all. The car. The project. The notion. It's fair to say these cars never even.

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Mar 22, 2017 - Explore IIGQ4U's photos on Flickr. IIGQ4U has uploaded 363 photos to Flickr Vintage Race Car of the Week: The Cheetah. Feb 17, 2009 Brian Lohnes BangShift News Comments Off on Vintage Race Car of the Week: The Cheetah. Bill Thomas had the answer to Carroll Shelby's Cobra in his head, all he needed was someone to provide some backing and support in order for him to be able to construct it. There have been a couple. Bill Thomas Cheetah Coupé 1963-1965; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Thomas's proficiency with Chevrolet's V-8 engine put him in demand among Southern California Chevrolet racers, and he soon found himself building engines and cars for Don Nicholson's and Hayden Proffitt's drag efforts, as well as for NASCAR and USAC racing. Chevrolet took notice. In 1961, when the company signed a one-year contract with Bill. Bill Thomas hooked up with his lead fabricator Don Edmonds and they drew up a wild, mid-engine gull-wing door coupe and called it the Cheetah. Since only a handful of Cheetahs were built, you would think it would have disappeared into the fog of the past. But the Cheetah was so unique, so wild, and so stinkin' fast, that the legend has just.

Nov 3, 2016 - View detailed pictures that accompany our 1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah Continuation article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features. (7 photos Bill with a 1964 Cheetah The Bill Thomas Cheetah was an American sports car designed and engineered entirely with American components and built from 1963 to 1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas. It was developed as a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. The Cheetah was the brainchild of self-taught enginee 1965 Cheetah Roadster Race Car by R&D Unique. Complete curbside kit. Includes body, interior, dashboard, wheel, tires, side pipes, steering wheel, windons, headlight covers, headlights, and taillights. Instructions include magazine article telling how to super detail this conversion using an AMT Mer-cedes 300SL and any MPC 19-63 -19-67 Che-vy. Great Lakes Hobby & Toy located in Sterling Heights Michigan. One of the largest mid west hobby shops, with over 10,000 sq feet The Cheetah was a sports car built from 1963-1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas. While never said, many surmised that it was to be a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. The fact that it was designed and built as a GT coupe may belie that notion

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by Mike - Bill Thomas created the Cheetah to compete with the Shelby Cobra in 1963 and produced 16 or 17 examples between 1963 and 1965. Thomas had help from Chevrolet in the beginning because they wanted to beat the Ford powered Shelby Cobras at Thomas soldiered on, continuing to fill privateer orders for complete cars and kits even after SCCA inexplicably increased its homologizing number by tenfold in 1964 to 1,000; OK for Cobras, deadly for Cheetahs, which were pushed into unlimited classes against exotic, better-handling machines (such as the Reventlow Scarab pictured passing at. 1963 Corvette Grand Sport water pump. This was used on factory built race cars with the all aluminum 377 small block and possibly the Bill Thomas Cheetah. Dated May 17, 1963. All original aluminum finish, never been glass beaded

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BTM LLC of Arizona has been authorized by Bill Thomas, original creator of the Cheetah, to build a continuation series. A chrome moly chassis with a Chevy 350 for power and a curb weight of 1550 pounds promises superb performance, however, the car is not street legal but Cheetah Race Cars is ready to provide a track car that will bring a smile. 2 nov. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau Cheetah de philpower sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème voiture, voitures rares, voiture de course The series of Strombecker 1/32 Competition Car Kits (as they named them), with TC32 motor and large display box with the parts in separate blisters, is composed of eight cars, namely Cheetah, Dino, Chaparral 2A, Barracuda, Lotus 30 and Lotus 38, all but the last one with the same adjustable brass pan chassis

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