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Thanks to the well-balanced indica and sativa heritage, expect Gelato Auto to grow expressing hybrid vigor. A very easy to grow cultivar that is ideal for beginner and commercial growers looking for monster harvests in 63 days from seed to harvest Gelato Autoflower. Reviews: 14. High THC. Easy To Grow. Unique Flavours. Gelato seeds is already a very popular and sough-after cultivar, but who says that perfection cannot be improved upon? By blending the original plant with the autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies, a non-photoperiod Gelato was born. It's just as delectable and efficient as.

Green Gelato Automatic is Royal Queen Seeds' autoflowering version of the famed Gelato, which was named Strain of The Year in 2018. It is among the most powerful autoflowers you can grow. Not only does it boast a sky-high THC level (24%) that can easily put many photoperiod Hazes to shame; it is also one of RQS' most aromatic strains Come join us as we welcome Horticulture Lighting Group to the Autoflower Network! We have an official representative from HLG that will be active on the forum to answer your questions, several units that are coming for our official product testing (grow and show's,) and we'll be working together to provide better information on lighting in general

Gelato is a balanced hybrid, which tilts a tad bit in favor of Indica, that traces its parents to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.Having a cannabis strain, Gelato, nicknamed after NBA legend Larry Bird is no disrespect to the hall-of-famer Gelato is another one of those strains that shows it's strengths from genetic diversity as it's very resistant to disease. From sprouting Gelato seedsand planting them in their medium, this strain will flower in about 7-10 weeks. The yields from this cannabis plant are are higher than most others with dense buds Like all autoflower plants, Gelato autoflowering strains are ready to harvest in just eight weeks. Yields for this strain range from 4-6 ounces per square yard indoors. You can also plant outdoors and get similar results. Experiencing the Gelato Autoflower Strai Autoflowering strains typically move from seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks. However, some varieties can take up to 12 weeks to fully mature

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  1. Autoflowers that are nearing harvest time will start to have yellowing leaves. If you begin to notice your mature plants getting leaves that are turning yellow, start planning to flush them for two weeks or so (see below for more on flushing). Yellowing leaves of autoflowering cannabis plants almost ready for harves
  2. Jun 9, 2021. #30. Hey there Auto folks! Lets take a look at my Gelato today, day 28. She's doing very good. Initially I had planned to grow here all the way through to harvest in the same 3 gallon pot you all have seen her in during this time. A couple of days ago, I noticed some yellowing on her bottom most fan leaves
  3. Member. My auto Gelato is planted in a 2 gallon pot. Seeds come from CropKing. Planted in a mixture of black earth and ProMix potting mix. There will be no topping. There will be no stress training (Hi/Lo) I will only use micro amounts of all purpose fertilizer in the last 3-4 weeks of the grow. Light source is roughly 10 - 26 watt CFL's
  4. ized seeds cannot be any easier too. Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantees that it is fresh, reliable, and sprouts in 24 to 48 hours. Hydroponics can boost the growth rate. Gelato, though, is better grown in an organic soil mix

The plant can be fully grown within a period of 8 to 9 weeks in indoor conditions. They are best harvested during October and are in line with most other marijuana seeds that could be grown at home. Everything about the Gelato strain is interesting as people love it for the earthy, herbal flavor it offers Gelato Autoflower light cycle and growth. The light cycle as well is simplified compared to a normal plant. You can keep them on a constant 18-6 light cycle. A 18-6 light cycle is 18 hours on and 6 hours off every day. Others may recommend a full 24 hour light cycle but we find this places stress on the plants

Gelato Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to grow their own Marijuana, from beginner to expert. Producing some of the most potent and sweet-fruity tasting buds, these seeds can provide you a regular harvest just 8 weeks from sprouting Hi I have a 7 week old gelato autoflower it's my first grow its in my greenhouse in Northern Ireland weather hasn't been great last few weeks but should I not be getting buds by now it still looks like it's in veg I also topped It 3 weeks ago plant is now 32cm in heigh Step 1:Submerge your seeds in water. This method is one of the most effective ways for the germination of auto-flowering seeds, especially for older seeds and seeds with harder shells. This method must be performed in a dark place. Place the seeds in water contained in a glass. Soak the seeds for 32 to 72 hours

First time growing Gelato Autoflower. It was finished, seed to harvest in 9 weeks but I let it go 10 weeks. I only gave it between 150-200 watts of CFL's but I harvested about 1 and 1/2 ounces. I'd say a good grower would get 2-3 ounces no problem. It was a very easy grow and best of all: A much lighter smell than my usual White Widow Glue Gelato Auto is a mold-resistant strain that's relatively easy to grow. From seed to harvest, the plants finish their growth cycle in 9-10 weeks. Outdoor growers can expect their plants to produce 400g/plant. Indoors, plants deliver around 400-600g/m². Glue Gelato Auto reaches 90-120cm in stature, making it a good candidate for smaller. Gelato #33 is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, and it's even recommended that you use a grow tent when cultivating indoors. Expect a pungent odor to fill the air as she grows, and in 8 to 9 weeks you can expect a yield that's decent but not quite worth writing home about One piece of good news for outdoor growers is that Gelato has a harvest time of around the end of September. You can therefore collect your buds before the autumn frosts strike. Indoors it needs 8 to 10 weeks of flowering. One piece of good news for indoor growers is that Gelato has an average growing range of about 1.2M to 1.8M

The best time of day to harvest you plants is early in the morning, before the sunrise and if you can, leave your plants in darkness for even more. Leaving your plants in complete darkness for up to 48hrs will let your plant know that she's about to die and she will make a final effort to produce more trichomes, resulting in a better harvest Growing Gelato Autoflower. As with many autoflowering strains, Gelato Auto is a fairly small plant, growing no higher than 70 to 100 centimeters, making her a perfect discreet strain for indoor growers.With a growth cycle of between 10 and 11 weeks, it's important to keep the plants protected during cultivation, as there's little time for them to recover if any damage is done Gelato Auto has a wonderfully balanced effect, that is known to be uplifting, euphoric, and boosts creativity while also relieving tension and providing calm. At harvest Gelato Auto can produce up to 350g/m² indoor and up to 300g/plant outdoors By blending the original plant with the autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies, a non-photoperiod Gelato was born. It's just as delectable and eff. Gelato Autoflower. H. From $82.00 to $230.00. 4.58 ( 12 customer reviews) Giddy, giggly and euphoric. Giddy, giggly and euphoric. High THC SOOTH YOUR ACHES AND PAINS ALWAYS WITH THIS HARD-HITTING WEST COAST AUTOFLOWER. RATING. Gorilla Glue x Gelato x BF Super Auto #1. SELECT A PACK SIZE. 1 Seeds Per Pack €11.00. 3 Seeds Per Pack €30.00. 5 Seeds Per Pack €46.00

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Outdoor autoflower yield and harvest time is very heavily dependent of the growing conditions the time of the year and the strain that you are growing. If you want to grow multiple harvests every year then usually the best yield will be from the plants that get the most amount of sunlight and the most favourable conditions Gelato Auto Seeds. If you're considering growing Cannabis outdoors this coming season, check out these Gelato Autoflowering seeds. Completely feminized and guaranteed to produce the highest quality, pure female plants, these easy-to-grow and fast maturing seeds are a perfect choice, producing strong, squat plants with an abundance of sweet flavored buds

Growing Gelato Auto - Week by Week. Since I hadn't spent much time growing autoflower strains before, I was surprised at how quickly Gelato Auto matured. After 5 weeks, it automatically switched from veg to flowering. Seven weeks later, it was ready to harvest. Weeks 1-5: Veg. I started by planting five seeds in rock wool cubes Indoor growers can harvest up to 500g/m² of resinous buds at harvest time. Grow your own Sweet Gelato Autoflowering. Grow difficulty Easy Flowering type Autoflowering From seed to harvest 8 weeks Yield (indoor) 375-500g/m² Yield (outdoor) 50-175g/plant. Gelato33 x OG x Ruderalis (autoflowering) Mint, cookies and wood earthy sweet citrus. Yield: 400g indoor, 550g outdoor. Flowering time: appx 80 days from seed to harvest. Mostly Indica. THC: 25% Gelato Autoflowering Cannabis. Our most powerful strain yet. 26% THC lab reports, and distinct Ice cream flavours. One of the most desired strains from Fast Buds is finally here, Gelato Auto: a decadent dessert cannabis stoner delight. Born in Cali, Gelato has quickly become the staple of quality and flavor all over the world The plant does have some positives, however, sporting a strong resistance to diseases, a quick 56-63 day flowering time, and growing to a short-medium height. An outdoor attempt will need to be somewhere with a warm and humid climate to have a chance of growing Gelato successfully

Gelato #25 is a rare 100% Indica strain. This result was achieved by a team of breeders from the Cookie Family. One of the parental strains is Gelato, while the other parent remains unknown. Also, indicative are THC levels, which range from 20% to 25%. At the same time, CBD levels can be as high as 1.32% Gelato strain has different names and different effects. It is a relatively young strain, born in San Francisco. One of the most famous, recognizable, and trusted companies in the market, Cookie Fam Genetics, decided to create something completely new yet as good as the best strains already available Iconic ice-cream parlour flavours but with an autoflowering twist, Gelato Auto from Fastbuds is a speedy, simple-to-grow revamp of the classic Cookies favourite that boasts the same iconic taste and titanic THC content but with half the hassle. Choose Flower Type Autoflower. Autoflower. Choose Seeds group 1 seed 3 seeds 5 seeds 10 seeds. 1 seed Gelato is also a flavorful strain and growing it is easy. Enjoy fast-flowering, high-yielding weed in Gelato. Order your Gelato Autoflower strain seeds today. Flowering Period: 56-63 Days Type: 55% Indica/ 45% Sativa Climate: Indoor or Outdoor Yield : 1.4 OZ / FT 2 THC level: 20% to 25 % Height: 36 Inches Growing Difficulty: Eas

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  1. Gelato auto is the fast-growing autoflower strain version of the extremely popular strain Gelato, which is really having a moment right now. With Gelato auto, in two months you should see thick, potent buds that produce a strong body and mental high. 3. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto (10+10 free deal) Indica or Sativa: 80%:20% hybrid Size: Compac
  2. Gelato Auto is the auto-flowering version of the immensely popular Californian strain Gelato. It is 55% sativa, 45% indica and is a fast-maturing, high-yielding plant with exceptional levels of THC production.. Q.C.S. Gelato Auto is the result of many years of painstaking work to get it just right for growers the world over
  3. Flowering Time. The flowering period comes around 8-9 weeks for the Gelato cannabis plant, and the particular yield may vary. Still, it is said to be at least over average - so you can anticipate your hard work to pay off once this strain is set for drying and curing. Indoo
  4. Flushed my girl today, she will be getting the chop on the 8th or 9th. Gelato autoflower will be chopped on day 115. This one displays a peppery pheno terp along with the sweet gelato. Super excited to chop this girl and get her dried and jarred!
  5. ized and regular marijuana seeds. Then make a payment via our convenient options. Once your cannabis seed order is confirmed, we will ship the package out via post.
  6. Gelato is a 50-50 hybrid strain and flowering is usually finished in 8-10 weeks.This strain is ideal for sea of green. Since this is an hybrid type plant, it will grow thick and bushy. When vegging, be aware that an average height during/after flowering is between 6-8 feet

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View Easy Bud Autoflowering. VISION GELATO AUTO. Vision Gelato Auto by Vision Seeds is the autoflowering variant of the delicious Vision Gelato. This strain brings all the qualities of a splendid autoflower to the table, including a super-short life cycle of 9 weeks. She is a very good strain for both new and impatient cannabis growers Autoflower seed. Autoflower is amazing for first-time growers. The specific genetics in autoflowering cannabis seeds lead to plants that mature quickly without the need to modify light cycles. Autoflower at farm scale allows farmers to grow any time of year and to harvest more frequently Gelato feminized marijuana may be sweet but its not a treat to grow, and a successful harvest requires some tender loving care. Your brightly-hued, medium-height plants will proffer up an impressive yield of upwards of 800 grams per plant after around 60 to 70 days of flowering Green Gelato Automatic: An Insanely Potent Auto. Green Gelato Automatic is the autoflowering version of a legendary cannabis variety. At RQS, we decided it was time to make Green Gelato genetics available to beginner growers and auto lovers. The original strain is the lovechild of Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet

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Auto Glue Gelato Cannabis Seeds Feminized Autoflower. Glue Gelato Auto is an interesting variety developed from 2 enormously popular West Coast strains: Gorilla Glue and Gelato. Ruderalis genetics were added to turn this specimen into an autoflowering strain. It's a 60% indica-dominant cultivar that induces happy, relaxing, and calming effects Different agents will have an effect on how to germinate autoflowering seeds and may be responsible for how the plant will turn and grow. First is the temperature. If the soil is extra cold or extremely hot for the plant, the seed may have a hard time growing. The recommended temperature must be more or less 25 degrees Celsius The autoflower cannabis timeline begins as soon as the cannabis seeds pop through the soil. They will be in this initial seedling stage for the first three weeks, during which time they will develop their first few sets of leaves. Leaf development continues rapidly during this stage; a mild nutrient mixture can aid development at this time Very easy to grow autoflowering strain, requiring between 9 - 10 weeks total growing and flowering time to produce yields of up to 6 oz per plant when cultivated outdoors and similar, per square meter harvests when grown indoors. Gelato Auto Strain Review: Enjoy some of the biggest yields with these feminized Autoflowering seeds

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<p>UPDATE for Pineapple Express Autoflower Grow Series using a mix of Miracle Gro potting soils and Bruce Banner Autoflower Grow. NEW series for Gelato Autoflower Grow using Coco + Perlite medium and Foxfarm nutrients. **PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHOP LOCAL DURING THIS CONTINUED TIME OF UNCERTAINTY** For more detailed videos, information on products, suggestions and more videos and updates comment. Green Gelato Auto is the auto-flowering version of the amazing Green Gelato (aka Gelato #33). Slightly sativa-dominant, this weed really packs a punch and leaves nothing to desire over photo-period strains. Very high THC content, good yields and a sweet earthy flavour make this an exciting new auto from RQS.. Indoors plants grow to be 70 - 120 cm. tall producing between 375 - 450 gr/m 2 in a. Autoflower cannabis seeds are quickly becoming the most popular type of cannabis seeds for new growers. They are cheap, easy to grow, and can produce some top quality cannabis, in a short space of time. You may be wondering what is the difference between autoflower weed seeds, and normal weed seeds. This is a common question asked by new cannabis growers THE FASTEST autoflowering strain that Mephisto Genetics has ever grown, Sour Crack Auto finishes in only 7 weeks from seed (germination). Sour Crack Auto is made from Green Crack Auto and 24 Carat genetics. The short plants stay 20 to 28 inches tall, forming rock-hard, resinous buds in quick time Mars Hydro TS3000W & 5×5 Grow Tent Setup - The Mars Grow: Gelato Autoflower S1 EP1. Today I start my 2nd grow ever. This time I am growing Gelato autoflowers. This is my first time growing autoflowers. This grow is being Sponsored by Mars Hydro. Join me as we learn more about growing cannabis and about autoflowers in particular

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Plant height. When growing Gelato indoors, the plant grows 50 cm to 100 cm tall. When grown outdoors, Gelato will grow between 150 cm and 200 cm tall; Gelato yield. With these Gelato seeds, indoor growers can yield up to 450 grams per square meter. When growing outdoors, the plant can yield up to 550 grams/m². Harvest time is around September The sweet, fruity dessert flavors are best appreciated in a vaporizer. The high really is a powerful one, and many recommend saving Gelato 41 auto buds until later in the evening. Like all Seedstockers selections, this is proven to be easy to grow across a wide range of conditions with a bushy and highly productive resul Gelato has become a flag ship for quality flavor since its creation in California, and our Gelato Auto is no different. A well-structured stable plant with distinct ice cream flavors, making it a great choice for extractions. And with lab reports boasting up to 26% THC, Gelato is without a doubt the most powerful strain we've ever created

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Gelato Autoflower. Gelato Marijuana Seeds is a sweet indica-dominant cannabis strain. It's an average-sized plant with high yields of up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and 500 grams per square meter indoors. You'll get plants with 22% THC with early flowering time at 8 to 10 weeks, giving you buds with blueberry, woody, citrus, orange. What does Auto Gelato cannabis plant look like? A balanced, fast growing autoflowering hybrid variety, with a complete life cycle of 10-11 weeks. Its structure is rather flattened, a plant that at best stretches up to 4.92 ft. (150 cm) outdoors, but under the lights is always restrained, not exceeding 3.28 ft. (100 cm.). It has a good branching.

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Sweet Gelato Auto has 55% sativa genetics backed up with 44.2% indica and the remaining 0.8% being ruderalis. Plants grow to a height of 60 - 100 cm. depending on root space and conditions. Indoors yields are 375 - 500 gr/m2 while outdoors each plant can produce between 50 - 175 gr. each. Bud development is dense and these are covered in large. Gelato is a mostly indica variety from Seed Junky and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days) and outdoors. Seed Junkys Gelato is/was never available as feminized seeds.Gelato (also referred to as Larry Bird) i. Blue Gelato 41 is a 3-way hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints pheno-type and Sunset Sherbert. Blue Gelato 41 is 60% indica and is another in the West Coast line of cannabis strains

Some describe Gelato as having amplified psychedelic effects like time dilation and sound sensitivity. The floaty and comfortable but still lucid feeling conferred by this strain makes it great for daytime or early evening use. Medically, Gelato has value as a way to treat chronic aches and pains with its powerful numbing effects Because autoflowering plants mature in a short span of time growers can have multiple growing cycles in a year. Ideally, a grower should be able to rake in the first harvest after eight weeks and maintain subsequently weekly harvests if they germinate seeds on a weekly basis by Nebula Haze Yes, you can top an auto-flowering plant that is growing fast and healthy. For example if it has grown at least 4-5 nodes (pairs of real leaves) by the end of week 2. Otherwise it may not be growing fast enough to handle topping without getting stunted. Read on to learn more

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  1. The grow difficulty of the plant is beginner, has a high mold resistance, can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and has a flowering time of 56 to 70 days. Gelato autoflowering seeds are well.
  2. I went through 1/4oz in about a week before I quit. I am interested to find out if it will be instant cartoon land on the first hit with this autoflower or if it might require more to nudge the effect to kick-start. I'm hoping to get at least a 10-11 month supply from the 5 plants
  3. But, the power is where it's at. The big, trichome-studded buds sport an impressive 24% THC! Gelato Auto THC = 24%! Sweet Cookies, Tangy Orange, Coffee. Big Dense Buds Made Heavy By Silvery Resin. Stays Under 100 cm - Around 40 Inches. At 45% Indica, 55% Sativa, Gelato Auto Seeds perfectly balance cerebral highs and body stones
  4. Purple Gelato is compact and sturdy, making it perfect for the SOG method. Not only does this system shorten the vegging time, but it also increases the yield per square meter. The indoor flowering period is 8-9 weeks, with medium height plants yielding 17-20oz/m2. Outdoors, with lots of sunlight, each plant produces 14-21oz/each by late October
  5. On average, autos grow 1-4 feet tall by harvest time; generally, auto-flowering plants will stay under 4 feet in height. The final height of each auto depends a lot on the strain you choose and whether you provide enough light
  6. Glue Gelato Auto is a 60% indica strain which grows to 90 - 120 cm. in height. Indoors plants produce around 600 gr/m2 in a total growing time of 64 - 70 days. Outdoors each plant can deliver up to 400 gr. of dried buds. This plant has very good resistance to mould and botrytis as well as spider mites
  7. Gelato Strain is a well-balanced crossbreed that inclines somewhat more Indica, this lovely and scrumptious weed sort incorporates generally 56 percent indica and 44 percent Sativa genetics, however, appears to offer overall energizing and elevating impacts. Originally, Cookies Fam Genetics is the maker of the Gelato Cannabis Strain

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By far the best Gelato auto available right now is the Gelato 41 autoflower. Derived from the Girl Scout family, Gelato 41 was careful selected for THC/cannabinoid levels which are somewhat higher than those normally found in cookies. This is a selection for those that want a really powerful auto using no-nonsense fully proven genetics which will deliver XL yields in around 11 weeks of indoor. The overall lifecycle of a Autoflowering cannabis strain is between 8 to 12 weeks, from seed to harvest. Autoflowers are more mold and pests resistant. Autoflowers remain small, which makes it easy to grow in small spaces. Autoflowers are more resistant against lower temperatures Autoflowers are ideal for outdoor growing

Gelato 33 is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.Since its birth, a number of phenotypes have been released, all with their own unique attributes. One of. Furthermore, autoflower seeds take less time to switch between the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. You can get your whole autoflower plant ready in a definite time that would be equivalent to any photoperiod strain's flowering time. When you plant an autoflower strain, you can get your buds between 7 to 11 weeks Glue Gelato Auto thrives both indoors and outdoors, in all growing systems. After no more than 70 days from germination, she'll produce excellent crops of up to 600 g/m 2 indoors and 400 g/plant outdoors even in the hands of inexperienced growers. Glue Gelato Auto is widely appreciated for her pain-relieving and relaxing properties Zkittlez VS Gelato. ZkittleZ is Sativa dominant strain that gives an uplifting yet creative high. Gelato is Indica Dominant and has higher THC content compared to ZkittleZ. Both of these strains have sweet berry undertones but the Gelato strain has a more pungent taste. ZkittleZ is much easier to grow and flowers quickly compared to Gelato Gelato Cannabis. Seeds at MSNL (Feminized Only) - 25% THC. - 8-10 Week Flowering Time. - 500-600g/m2. Gelato Cannabis. Autoflower and Feminized Seeds. -Hybrid. -Up to 20% THC

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Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds. From Just: $ 39.00. Rated 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. ( 3 customer reviews) Skip dessert in favor of Gelato marijuana, a smooth and creamy hybrid with a bright, sweet flavor that will put a smile on your face as it puts your mind and body at ease. Number of Seeds Gelato Seeds Gelato seeds are a popular new hybrid cannabis strain that owes its lineage to Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The fruity taste is reminiscent of the ice cream its name is linked to. The flowers often become a dark purple close to harvest, with pronounced orange hairs Feminized Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously. Once germinated and sprouted, producing their third set of true leaves, the plants biological clock will begin to count down to maturity. During the next 60 days, on average, the plant will grow in height, develop it's branches and produce buds all at the same time Small scale growing systems can achieve optimal organization by operating with short cannabis plants. Best Place to Order Autoflower Seeds USA Online. Farmer's Lab is the best place to buy all strains and types of cannabis seeds. Only feminized autoflower strains of superior quality are sold by Farmer's Lab, like Amnesia. Our company offers. Blue Dream VS Gelato. As two decadent strains, Blue Dream and Gelato offer a euphoric escape from stress, pain, and depression. Both these strains have fruity notes that offer a berry-like taste and sweet aroma. These strains have a similar flowering time, yield, and focus on giving you a happy, uplifting, and euphoric high

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Glue Gelato Autoflower Seeds For Sale. Glue Gelato Auto Seeds. $50 CAD (3 Pack) Strain Information. Seedbank - Barney's Farm. Sex - Feminized. Variety - 60% Indica / 40% Sativa. Strain Genetics - Gorilla Glue x Gelato x BF Super Auto #1. Flowering Time - 70 Days from sprout GELATO AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS. 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genes, courtesy of its Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet heritage. Requiring a total growing and flowering time of 56 days from it's first true leaves. Fully mature the plant will be approximately 90 cm tall. Yields are approximately 4 to 6 oz per square mete Now's the time to start work on your latest novel, or have a philosophical debate with friends! As the name suggests, Gelato #51 Feminized has a delicious ice-cream aroma, combined with notes of spicy wood, lavender and berry. The smell tends to grow stronger as the buds approach harvest-time Once the seedlings have developed their first few sets of leaves, growers usually plant autoflowering seeds in Oklahoma outdoors, regardless of the time of year. Having the ability to flower and mature regardless of photo-period, means the 7-9 weeks these plants require to ripen, can be during any part of the Spring, Summer or early Fall The smell is light and bright with fruity accents. The flavour is insane when taking a hit and. exhaling it you can feel the flavour changing in your mouth into a summeifresh fruitpunch. Specifications. More Information. Flowering time indoor. 11 weeks. Yield indoor. 650-750 grams /m2

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White Runtz Autoflower is an offspring of Gelato and Zkittlez with an additional feature of Ruderalis with an Indica of 45%, Sativa of 45%, including 10% Ruderalis Autoflowering. This marijuana strain can be grown in yielding medium to high growth, which has an excellent height of 1.5 to 2 meters GELATO 41 FEMINIZED. +1200 Positive reviews. . 4.9/5. Gelato 41 is an indica -dominant hybrid photoperiod cannabis strain, which is much loved for its XXL buds; She can produce 500-700g / m² indoors and up to 850g per plant outdoors with THC levels of 27%. € 14.99 Gelato Autoflower Seeds. by Plant of Life. Save £-19.95. £19.95. | /. Plant of Life has become one of the world's most respected Cannabis brands, with a vast arsenal of Cannabis and Hemp products. Gelato Auto by Plant Of Life Seeds is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (55% indica/45% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous.

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