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Stanley teaches Zero to read, and Zero later stands up for Stanley in a fight. The two become real pals. Stanley learns that Zero is the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni, who put a. Later, the two boys make a deal that Zero will dig part of Stanley's hole for an hour if the latter teaches him to read and write for the same amount of time. Download PDF Prin Similarities between the holes book and the holes movie? Stanley was accused of stealing the shoes.Stanley taught zero to read and write.Hector (Zero) reunited with his mother after many years. Stanley points out that Zero didn't steal them either to which Zero responds, You didn't steal the sneakers. After this, Stanley offers to teach Zero to read and they work out a deal in which Zero will dig Stanley's hole for an hour every day so that Stanley won't be as tired when he teaches Zero The Warden forbids Stanley to teach Zero to read and Mr. Pendanski taunts Zero about how stupid he is. Zero says that he will not dig any more holes and when Mr. Pendanski tells him that digging holes is all he'll ever be good for, Zero smashes his shovel across Mr. Pendanski's face and runs away. The Warden tells the other counselors not to.

Stanley teach zero to read and write and zero dig the holes of stanley But by the time we've reached chapter 18 of Holes, Stanley's whole character appears to have changed, and not in a good way. One night, Stanley is writing a letter home to his mom. Zero comes into. When Zero asks Stanley if he can teach him to read, Stanley responds by saying, Sorry...I don't know how to teach (Sachar, 36). Stanley refuses to teach Zero to read for several reasons read and write) as per the request of Zero, Stanley agrees to teach Zero to how to read and write. Zero has been digging some of Stanley's hole. Stanley explains that he's teaching Zero to read and write(page 45). The above evidence from the story tells that, as a token of gratitude, Zero is helping Stanley to dig half of his hole each day. Two above evidence from the story shows us that. Stanley knows Zero is illiterate: he cannot read. He proposes a deal in which Stanley will teach Zero to read, and in return, Zero will help him dig holes. Both boys benefit from sharing the work.

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He and Stanley become friends when Zero admits that he doesn't know how to read and asks Stanley to teach him. Stanley eventually learns that Zero is a very quick study and is skilled at performing mental math, despite having no formal education. In exchange for reading lessons, Zero digs part of Stanley's hole every day 2. Compare Zero's behavior with the other boys'. Why do you think Zero finished digging Stanley's hole? Chapter 22 1. Why does Zero say he dug Stanley's hole? 2. What arrangement do Stanley and Zero make? 3. What does Stanley discover about Zero? 4. What does Stanley realize about the gold tube and the initials on it? 5

Readers note how Stanley Yelnats begins to transform as Camp Green Lake's harsh environment hardens him physically and emotionally. In this dialogue between Stanley and Zero, Zero breaks down his own walls, admits to Stanley that he does not know how to read and write, and asks Stanley to teach him to read First, Zero reveals his sense of fairness when he explains why he helped dig Stanley's hole after Stanley takes the blame in the sunflower seed incident. He even hints at a connection with the stolen sneakers. In addition, he reveals his strong desire to learn to read and the joy he feels when Stanley offers to help him Stanley later befriends Zero, a camper who quietly keeps to himself, and teaches Zero to read in return for Zero digging part of Stanley's holes. This leads to an argument with the other inmates, and then the staff. Zero then flees. The camp staff decide to erase their records of Zero, whose full name is Hector Zeroni, and let him die in the. The boys resent Stanley because Zero is digging his holes. He needs the energy. Why do the Warden and Mr. Pendanski tell Stanley to stop teaching Zero to read? He is too stupid. Why does the Warden tell the counselors not to shoot Zero after Zero hits Mr. Pendanski with the shovel In Chapters 21-24, Stanley finds a way to make the never-ending days easier by making a pact with Zero, in which Zero offers to begin helping Stanley dig holes in exchange for reading lessons. We.

Stanley has trouble digging holes. The weather is very hot and the dirt is hard and dry. One day 1 Stanley finds a lipstick tube that has Stanley teaches Zero to read and Zero helps Stanley to dig his holes. The other boys get mad that Stanley has help to dig. The boys start a fight, and Zero. X-Ray tries to calm everyone down, but the adults aren't happy to learn Zero has been helping to dig Stanley's hole. Stanley says teaching Zero to read is more important than digging, and everyone laughs at the idea of Zero reading. They quiz Zero by having him sound out some words, and Zero does pretty well Stanley and Zero's friendship blossoms when Zero helps dig Stanley's hole after the sunflower seed incident. Zero's kindness softens Stanley and he agrees to help Zero learn to read. Zero's smile at hearing Stanley's offer symbolizes the theme of friendship as two boys, both struggling in a challenging world, find solace in each other

Stanley offers to teach Zero how to read. Zero smiles a wide-mouthed smile. Stanley is impressed at how smart Zero is both in memorization and in math. In return for the lessons, Zero offers to dig Stanley's hole for an hour each day. In closing, Zero tells Stanley, I'm not stupid, I know everybody thinks I am. I just don't like. Holes Chapter 21 to 30 Questions/Answer. 51 terms. meganwiley24 TEACHER. The Kite Runner. 27 terms. Sashaelliottwhite. Upgrade to remove ads. Only $2.99/month Zero Character Analysis in Holes | SparkNotes. Zero's real name is Hector Zeroni, but he has been called Zero for most of his life. He has been homeless for most of his life, and his mother abandoned (or lost) him when he was still small. Zero has not had much of an education so he does not know how to read or write After Stanley showers, he stays in the tent to write to his parents. As he begins a letter telling them about swimming and rock climbing, Zero walks in and stands behind Stanley. When Stanley asks him not to read his letters, Zero admits he doesn't know how to read and asks Stanley to teach him. Stanley laughs in surprise Stanley teaches him how to read then they become friends. And zero helps Stanley dig his holes. One day zero and Stanley dug up a hole and found something and gave it to Mr. Sir and he gave it to the Warden. It was an artifact from the famous Kissing' Kate Barlow

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Eventually Stanley agrees to teach Zero to read. In exchange Zero offers to dig part of Stanley's hole every day. Zero is a fast learner who quickly picks up on everything Stanley tries to teach him. During one of their sessions, he reveals his name isn't really Zero. It's Hector Zeroni Play this game to review Reading. Why was Stanley ordered to push the wheelbarrow instead of digging? What does Zero agree to do if Stanley teaches him to read? answer choices . Help dig Stanley's holes. Teach Stanley to do math. Beat up Mr. Sir. Be his best friend. Tags: Question 14

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And, Stanley begins teaching Zero, real name Hector Zeroni, to read. He's got a curious name, right? If you don't remember, Madame Zeroni is the one who put a curse on Stanley's great-great. In reality, Zero is smart and very quick with numbers, but he is uneducated due to homelessness. Stanley teaches Zero to read and the two boys become best friends. It is this friendship that enables them to survive. X-Ray, Squid, Magnet, Armpit, Zig Zag- These are the other boys at the camp

agreement that Stanley will spend one hour a day teaching Zero to read if Zero will dig his hole for an hour a day. Little does Stanley know that Zero is actually the great­great grandson of Madame Zeroni. Eventually, Zero ends up running away from camp and Stanley follows after in search of him a day later. The two boys reach the top of th In his time at the camp Stanley teaches Zero,his best friend, how to read.For this education Zero digs holes for Stanley and it annoys the other guys at the camp.Zigzag beats Stanley up,because he gets angry and then Zero comes and chokes Zigzag.The counselor fires his pistol to make the children calm down,When the other counselors and The. In Camp Green Lake, Stanley begins to teach Zero how to read. Zero eventually runs away from the camp, and a couple of days later Stanley steals the water truck and drives a short way before crashing the truck and following Zero on foot. Stanley finds Zero under an overturned and abandoned boat, eating the decades-old leftovers of the peaches. outcast, Stanley eventually earns the respect of his peers and earns the nickname Caveman. In addition to digging, Stanley tries to teach one of his friends, a young boy nicknamed Zero, how to read in exchange for help on his holes. While the majority of the film centers on Stanley in the present day, flashbacks contribute to developing hi

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  1. Meanwhile, Stanley becomes friends with Zero, a boy also living in Tent D. Stanley agrees to teach Zero how to read and Zero will dig part of Stanley's hole every day. When Zero gets into a fight, the Warden decides to leave him to die in the desert. Stanley finds him and notices a mountain that looks like a fist
  2. Stanley is unwilling to teach Zero to read and write. Like many of the other boys, Stanley's heart had hardened in order to help him survive his ordeal at Green Lake. Holes Reading Comp Chapters 1-10. 30 terms. linda_gonzales. Holes Reading Comp Chapters 11-22. 30 terms. linda_gonzales. Holes Reading Comp Chapters 23-33. 30 terms. linda.
  3. Then one day, Zero asked Stanley to teach him how to read when he saw Stanley reading a letter from his mother. At first, Stanley declined, but he later accepted after Zero dug Stanley's hole for him while Stanley was being taken to The Warden (Louise Walker) for stealing. Mr
  4. . _____ dug Stanley's hole while he went to talk to the Warden about the sunflower seeds. a) Squid b) Magnet c) X-Ray d) Zero. d) Zero. Stanley began teaching Zero _____. a) how to read b) how to sing c) how to multiply d) how to dance. a) how to read. Zero had a talent for _____. a) reading b) math c) science d) geography
  5. Zero watches him write and reveals to Stanley that he cannot read or write. They agree that Stanley will teach Zero to read and Zero will dig half of Stanley's hole each day in return. Jealous of Stanley resting while Zero digs half of his hole, Zigzag instigates a fight with Stanley. The Warden forbids any reading lessons and tells Stanley he.
  6. Now Stanley offers to teach Zero to read. And Stanley makes this offer without asking anything in return. It is Zero who suggests digging part of Stanley's hole every day, and to him this offer seems largely about practicality. It means they will finish digging at the same time, so they will have more time for learning. After Stanley starts.
  7. Later, he teaches Zero to read - he doesn't give up on the silent, strange boy, even when the rest of the world has. It is eventually his empathy and caring that will help him to break the curse - in the chapters set on God's Thumb, Stanley has developed so much compassion that we see him putting himself in Zero's shoes, and understanding why.

Diary entry by Zero. 2 Mai. Dear diary, I feel very happy at the moment because Stanley will teach me in reading and writing. I told Stanley that I can´t read and write anything. He answered that he can´t teach me because he don´t know how to teach. After a while I asked him whether he can teach me only to read and not to write, but he. In addition to getting the Department of Education's approval of a scene where Stanley teaches his friend Zero to read, Disney and Walden supplied hundreds of teachers and librarians with snappy. 34. _____Zero drove Mr. Pendanski's truck into a hole. 35. _____Stanley found Zero under a boat. 36. _____Zero is the one who stole the sneakers. 37. _____X-Ray wants Stanley to teach him the read. ***** Sequencing: Place the following events in order by placing numbers 1-5 in the blanks. _____43. Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake Zero watches Stanley write letters to his mother, and, finally, when he thinks he can trust Stanley, Zero admits that he can't read or write. He asks Stanley to teach him. Zero becomes frustrated when the Warden forbids Stanley to teach him, and Zero runs away. When Stanley finds Zero in the desert, they become loyal friends Stanley argues by pointing out that he took the blame for the sunflower seed incident and that he needs to save his energy to teach Zero to read. Neither of these things improves Stanley's.

Stanley sees this room as a reminder that the boys have the capacity for violence, and he does not want to cross them. 4) He needed to save his energy for the people who counted. (p.82) After turning down Zero's first request that Stanley teach him how to read, Stanley tries to justify his decision Stanley Yelnats was given a choice. The judge said, You may go to jail, or you may go to Camp Green Lake. Stanley was from a poor family. He had never been to camp before. 3 Stanley Yelnats was the only passenger on the bus, not counting the driver or the guard The guard sat next to the driver with his seat turned around facing Stanley A rifl Zero never tells anyone that he can not write. I think it´s very hard to say something like this, becasue someone could laugh about this. Stanley was friendly to him and they made a deal: Zero should dig Stanley´s holes and Stanley is teaching Zero the writing. Zero is very thankful about this and I think this is very good for their friendship The inmates, known by their nicknames, include Zero (who refuses to speak to anyone, but likes to dig holes), Armpit, Zig-Zag, Squid, X-Ray and Magnet. Stanley is slowly accepted into the group and is given the name Caveman. He soon creates a friendship with Zero (Khleo Thomas), whose real name is Hector Zeroni, while teaching him to read Connotative - How the kids dig their holes, the kids best friend. The shovel in this text is how the kids do what they have to do. Teach (pg 117) Denotative - Explain to someone how to do something. Connotative - Zero's big smile, kindness of Stanley. Stanley is nice and teaches zero how to read

Why does Zero dig Stanley's hole for him? Stanley is teaching Zero how to read. 100. what's the theme in Stanly and zero's relationship . friendship. 100. Who is the outlaw who robbed Stanley's great-grandfather? Kissin' Kate Barlow. 200. What's Twitch real name One day Stanley agreed to teach his new friend Zero how to read and write and in exchange Zero would dig Stanley's hole for one hour everyday. The other boys got jealous of watching Stanley do nothing, and a fight broke out between the other boys and Stanley. Zero got angry and then ran away into the desert Later, the Warden finds out that Stanley and Zigzag (Ricky) got into a fight, and that Zero (Hector Zeroni) strangled Zigzag. She then learns that Zero has been digging part of Stanley's hole in exchange for Stanley teaching Zero how to read, so she tells them to stop. Zero then runs off and she thinks that he's dead

After Stanley was done taking the blame for the spilt sunflower seeds and zero digging Stanley's hole for him, Stanley showed Zero he cared for him; he agreed to teach him to read. I'll try to teach you to read if you want, Stanley offered. I don't know how to teach, but I'm not worn-out today, since you dug a lot of my hole. Stanley and Zero become buddies when Stanley teaches Zero to read, and Zero digs Stanley's hole. B. Joshua instructs the children of Israel not to take spoils when conquering the city of Jericho. When Akhan disobeys the order, all the people are blamed (Joshua 7). 3. Loyalty has its limits

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Ancestry is a heavily emphasized theme in Holes, and it goes hand in hand with the themes of fate and destiny. For each of the major characters, ancestry affects their surroundings, decisions, and even day-to-day life. Stanley ends up at Camp Green Lake, supposedly because of the misdeeds of his great-great-grandfather Stanley must dig a hole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide every day. He only has 2 jumpsuits. Stanley meets all of this camp-mates. It is clear that Stanley is not as rough or tough as the other boys. Stanley begins to teach Zero how to read. They become good friends. Apr 15, 1990 The Holes quotes below are all either spoken by Mr. Pendanski or refer to Mr. Pendanski. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below. A Yelnats carried a Zeroni up the mountain. 500. What was Stanley's father trying to invent? A foot odor powder. 500. Was Stanley mad at Zero for stealing the shoes? No, he said he was glad he was sent to Camp Green Lake because he likes himself more and he made a best friend. 500

Zero is a prisoner who is at camp green lake. He doesn't know how to read or write, this probably means that he doesn't belong to a very modern and established family. Zero has the will and wish to learn and he did ask Stanley. Teach me how to read and write Said Zero Stanley's mother insists that there never was a curse. She even doubts whether Stanley's great-great-grandfather really stole a pig. The reader might find it interesting, however, that Stanley's father invented his cure for foot odor the day after the great-great-grandson of Elya Yelnats carried the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni up the mountain Zero doesn't even know the alphabet, but he learns it pretty quickly once Stanley recites it for him. In fact, Zero's a pretty bright kid: he also has some math chops in him. The boys strike a deal: Stanley will teach Zero more letters every day, and in return, Zero will dig some of Stanley's hole. This way Stanley will have more energy for.

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  1. Why did Stanley refuse to teach zero to read and write in the book holes? Because Stanley said he wasn't a very good teacher anyway. Zero would dig Stanley's hole for an Hour
  2. Infer What is strange about what Zero says to Stanley? Why does Stanley offer to teach Zero to read? Why does Stanley think he might need to get Zero to dig a bit of X-Ray's hole? Why were Katherine's classes always full of men? Why doesn't Mr Sir fill Stanley's canteen? Predict Predict whether Stanley will tell the warden about Mr Sir
  3. Later, Stanley offers to teach Zero to read. They agree that Zero will dig part of Stanley's holes in exchange for lessons. The narrator goes back to the 1880s, when the town of Green Lake was actually a lakeside town. The local schoolteacher, Miss Katherine Barlow, was beloved by all, especially Charles Trout Walker. Trout Walker, however.

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Stanley teach zero to read and write and zero dig the holes of stanley When Zero collapses what does Stanley do? When Zero collapses Stanley asks if Zero is okay and Zero says that he is fine After this, Stanley offers to teach Zero to read and they work out a deal in which Zero will dig Stanley's hole for an hour every day so that Stanley won't be as tired when he teaches Zero. Stanley begins to teach Zero the alphabet and discovers that Zero is very good at math Stanley understands the hierarchy that exists amongst the boys; consequently, they learn to trust Stanley. Stanley and Zero form a close friendship. Zero trusts Stanley enough to reveal that he can not read or write. Stanley doesn't laugh at him. Instead he begins to teach Zero how to read and realizes that Zero is quite intelligent

Zero is still digging part of Stanley's hole each day, so that Stanley has the energy to teach him how to read. The other boys resent this, and taunt Stanley endlessly for treating Zero like his slave. The tension between the boys in Group D escalates until there is a scuffle in which Zigzag physically accosts Stanley. Mr Stanley teaches Zero how to read, and Zero digs a part of his hole every day. And they didn't even have a problem with that, only the other kids did. I thought it was really awesome when the lawyer and Stanley prove that Zero is clean and he can leave the camp. I think both Zero and Stanley are underdogs, as well as losers and outcasts Stanley teach zero to read and write and zero dig the holes of stanley. What age was Stanley yelnats in holes? In the novel of Holes Stanley Yelnats is fifteen years old..

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What is Stanley teaching Zero? He's teaching him how to read, spell and write. (English) 200. What happened to Sam from a long time ago? He got killed/shot by Walker. 200. Who is the antagonist of this story? What tool do the boys use to measure their hole? They use a shovel Stanley Yelnats and Zero become great friends. Zero is a diligent worker and likes to dig holes, but struggles with his illiteracy. Zero helps Stanley and offers to dig his hole with him. In return, Stanley offers to teach Zero how to read and write. Stanley goes after Zero when he leaves camp and ultimately saves his life them. Stanley is able to end a family curse because he takes the time to teach and stand by a friend. Zero solves a hundred-year mystery through his newfound ability to read. Our preview audiences have told us that Holes is a great film with a great message. We hope that this Educator's Guide, the educational poster, an Again, Zero is over his shoulder. At first Stanley did not care. He has bought into the idea that Zero is worthless. When he tells Zero not to read over his shoulder Zero tells Stanley that he does not know how to read. Stanley is cold toward Zero and refuses Zero's request that Stanley teach him to read

Holes by Louis Sachar, $7.99, Amazon or Indiebound. See, Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.Some of the boys at Camp Green Lake, a. This was to show his disapproval of Stanley teaching Hector Zeroni how to read. In exchange for Stanley teaching him, Hector would dig part of Stanley's hole. This was looked down upon by the rest of the campers. So when Stanley told Zigzag no, a fight broke out between them after they were prompted to by Mr. Pendanski There is nothing green about it. I have to dig a 5-foot deep 5-foot wide hole every day in the hot sun. We barely even get water! My showers are also timed. They call me Caveman here. Its nice to have some friends around me though. I think they actually like me! Well, at least some of them like me. I made friends with a kid named Zero Why was Stanley glad to be away from the big hole? Holes chapter 18 DRAFT. 0 times. Other. 0% average Can you teach me to write and read. Can you teach me to read. Can you teach me. Can you teach me to write. Tags: Question 4 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Q. Did Stanley say yes, to teach Zero? answer choices . Yes, he wanted to teach as soon as. Stanley befriends Zero (Khleo Thomas) a small kid sent to the camp for being homeless. Zero helps Stanley dig holes, and Stanley teaches Zero to read. But their connection is much deeper than either one knows

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  1. After Zero digs Stanley's hole, Stanley starts to change his perspective towards Zero and to return his favor, Stanley offers to teach him to read and write. They work out a deal in which Zero will dig Stanley's hole for an hour everyday so that Stanley won't be so tired when he teaches Zero
  2. Zero is a quiet, dark-skinned boy with a wide-mouthed smile. He was homeless before being sent to Camp Green Lake. The counselors and other inmates there feel that Zero is stupid and worthless and treat him cruelly. In reality, Zero is extremely smart, but uneducated. He and Stanley become friends when Stanley agrees to teach Zero how to read
  3. The two boys strike up a deal-Zero will help Stanley dig his daily hole and Stanley will teach Zero to read. Pictures from Holes. This part happens at the beginning of the movie when Zero is first introduced to Stanley! This is after Mr. Pendanski said his head has nothing in it
  4. Where did Stanley think that Zero might have taken refuge . Holes- Chapter 31 & 32 DRAFT. 2nd grade. Why Zero help Stanley with the hole ? answer choices . Because Stanley threat . Zero like to help . Stanley Want To Teach Zero How To Read And Write
  5. Zero is very quiet and hardly ever talks, Stanley teaches Zero how to read and write. Stanley and Zero run away from the camp one at the time and find each other at Kissin' Kate Barlow's safe place in the dessert with was a very long time ago
  6. Holes by Louis Sacher Sunday, November 13, 2005 he meets a new friend Zero who has a connection to Stanley because of his ancestors. During the story, Stanley finds a lipstick case owned by kissing Kate Burlock. He teaches Zero to read. One day Mr.Pendanski a person who works at the camp is bothering Zero. Zero smacks him with a shovel and.
  7. Then he turned to Zero, who had been quietly digging in his hole since Stanley's return. Zero's hole was smaller than all the others. Whilst Stanley was gratified and relieved to see that Zero had finished digging his hole, it also made him feel a bit embarrassed that he had refused to help Zero learn to read and write

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  1. Zero would finish his hole, then come help Stanley dig his while Stanley taught him to read. Stanley would teach Zero after Zero dug both of their holes. There was no deal. Stanley would teach Zero for an hour and Zero would dig an hour for Stanley. Tags
  2. Exactly what do you know about the book, Holes? If you haven't read it, you should. The protagonist Stanley learns his strength by helping a fellow camper named Zero and protecting him from the same thing he had to endure at his high school: bullying. He also teaches Zero how to read, which is a significant turning point for the character, Stanley. Take on this quiz and find out how much you.
  3. 3 Stanley Yelnats was the only passenger on the bus, not counting the driver or the guard The guard sat next to the driver with his seat turned around facing Stanley A rifle lay across his lap Stanley was sitting about ten rows back, handcuffed to his armrest His backpack lay on the seat next to him It contained his toothbrush, toothpaste, and a box of stationery his mother had given him He'd.
  4. structure of Holes makes the possibility of a sequel unlikely, however. The lifting of the Yelnats family curse and the closure of Camp Green Lake suggest we will not be hearing any more about Stanley Yelnats. As the narrator of Holes says at the novel's conclusion, You will have to fill in the holes yourself. 1

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  1. Stanley soon comes to the conclusion that they are looking for something but he doesn't know what. He makes friends with a boy named Zero and begins to teach him how to read and write. In exchange for this service Zero digs a bit of Stanley's hole everyday
  2. Stanley and Zero do a trade. Zero digs Stanley's hole for an hour then they finish their holes and go back to camp. At camp Stanley teaches Zero how to read and write. If Zero hadn't been taught how to read the warden would have taken a suitcase that had been in Stanley's family for a long time
  3. He was being taught to read from Stanley, but they said Zero was too dumb to learn. 10. What did Warden tell Stanley about Zero? P. 138 There will be no more reading lessons. Dig your own hole. 11. Why was Stanley not to teach Zero anymore? P. 139 It led to trouble. Zero had almost killed Zigzag. Reading stressed Zero because Zero
  4. In ''Holes'' by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes. We'll look at some of the quotes from ''Holes'' in this lesson, for insight into who Stanley and how and why.
  5. Zero can't read or write so Stanley teaches him. If Stanley taught Zero to read and write, Zero would dig part of his hole each day. After awhile the other boys there saw what was going on and didn't like it. All the boys got in a big fight. Soon after that Zero runs away. Then 3 days after that Stanley runs away to find Zero
  6. 11. How does race affect the different storylines in Holes (including the Kate and Sam as well as the D-tent boys)? Is there a time in your life that you have noticed people treated differently based on the color of their skin? 12. Stanley and Zero reach an agreement: if Zero helps Stanley dig his hole, Stanley will teach Zero how to read
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Holes by Louis Sachar Holes Chapters 1 - 5 ----- Pages 3 - 20 1. Camp Green Lake is -----. a) one of the largest lakes in Texas b) a big dry lake where rattlesnakes and scorpions live c) a cool, shady lake with shade trees surrounding it 2. Stanley Yelnats was given the choice to ----- He made a deal with Stanley that if he digs part of his hole Stanley will teach him to read and write. But after the Warden of Camp Green Lake finds out about this, Zero runs away. The Warden then destroy all his files and looks like he was never at Camp Green Lake. Zero hides in a boat left in the dry wasteland and find jars of spiced peaches Never Learned to Read: Being poor and homeless meant he never got a formal education. Stanley takes it upon himself to teach Zero, which pays off later in a Karmic Jackpot. Nice Guy: He's certainly one of the more well-meaning characters, especially to Stanley. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero It turns out Zero doesn't know how to read. After some hole-digging, Stanley finally agrees to teach him - in exchange, Zero will keep digging Stanley's holes for him. The other campers aren't too psyched that Zero is helping dig Stanley's holes, and they give Stanley a hard time about it Magnet stole a sack of sunflower seeds from Mr.Sir and Stanley took the rap, so he has been taken to the Warden's cabin to be punished. That's why Zero dup up Stanley's hole. When Stanley asked the reason why Zero took Stanley's hole over, Zero said that Stanley wasn't guilty and so he dug up his hole. After reading this event I liked Zero