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Green pea, either fresh or frozen, is often used by betta keepers to alleviate mild constipationsometimes caused by flake, pellet or freeze dried fish foods. While it does little nutritionally for bettas, it is high in fiber and contains added moisture which often lacks from commercial dry fish food. Serving Size: 1/4 - 1/2 Pea per Betta In more severe cases of constipation or if peas aren't working you should try using Epsom salt to treat your betta. Epsom salt is a mild muscle relaxant, and if it's only constipation your betta is suffering from it should do the trick. Here's how to use Epsom salt effectively If your betta has a severe case of constipation or the pea treatment isn't effective, you need to up the ante and try using Epsom salt to treat your pet. Epsom salt is commonly used to treat constipation in fish and in people too! Epsom salt works as a gentle muscle relaxant and will help if constipation is the cause of your betta's problems The betta's stomach is about the size of his eye, so he can't hold much. If you're sure he's constipated, give the pea a couple days to work; if it doesn't try one tablespoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) for every ten gallons of water. Be sure it's well dissolved before adding magnesium sulfate the aquarium

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Peas can be a whirlwind at clearing out a blocked-up betta fish. After fasting them for a whole, single day, put one frozen pea in half of a cup of water. Microwaving for ten seconds, the single pea will then be submerged in cold water for a few moments. Remove the skin, and then chop up and feed your betta one half During the constipated period, many keepers, myself included have found that a peeled boiled pea will help with clearing the blockage and introduce a good source of fiber into the betta. Peeled boiled peas should be tried only after the fish has fasted for a few days so that the digestive tract has had some time to work To keep your bettas from getting constipated in teh future try the following regimine: Feed either betta pellets (Hikari is best, Wardley's works ok though) or frozen/live foods only..no freeze drieds. Don't over feed...no more then 8 pellets a day (divided by 2 times a day). Fast atleast 1 day a week (usually in the middle of the week) If your betta is suffering with constipation or dropsy you can help them by adding Epsom salt (Available on Amazon) to the tank and also feeding them high fibber foods such as vegetables / peas. More on that below. How Do I Know If My Betta Has Constipation? Constipation is the most common problems that affect betas 1) There could be a bacterial bloat and salt/epsom salt treatment should treat this, but it can take a long time. So 1/3 water change then 1-2 tespoons of salt/gallon (I prefer epsom as it contains minerals that need replenishing over the lenght of this process) for 3 days. Then another 1/3 water change and replace salts, wait 3 days

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I am so sorry I haven't uploaded in like 3 weeks! ENJOY! Hi, Twilight is floating on one side at the top of the tank and it looks like he's laboring to breathe. I really don't think he's eaten for a couple of days, at least I haven't seen him. In the morning the food isn't floating at the top anymore and when I did a water change there wasn't much at the bottom, but I don't know for sure. He didn't even swim away when I put the net in the tank and.

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Daphnia, which is a type of water flea, can be found in fish stores and is known to provide beneficial fiber and a laxative effect for fish. Bloodworms are also an excellent source of fiber for Betta fish with constipation. Another option here would be a blanched, deshelled pea. Feed the fish with 1/4th of the pea and skip feeding the next day. Once you notice any sign of constipation, set your betta up in a fasting phase. This isn't cruel and unusual punishment either. The result of not feeding your betta within that fasting period is to allow its stomach to purge naturally. Fix It With Pea After the fasting period, the first thing you're going to want to feed your betta is a pea

Feeding Pea to Betta Fish for Bloat Issues. I also advise getting a super high quality food like this one. It's made by Omega One brand and Betta fish love i.. This aids in cleansing its digestive system naturally. Oftentimes this itself will cure the constipation. If your betta is still constipated after a couple of days, feed it the inside of a pea. Remove the skin and offer it a small portion, no larger than the size of its eyeballs. You saved your betta's life from the pet store's tiny cup Alternatively, if your betta does not like daphnia, you can feed them around 1/4 of a deshelled pea. Peas are rich in fiber and will also help to clear their digestive system. To prepare a pea, first of all, boil the pea as you would normally. Once the pea is cooked and has cooled down, you must fully remove the skin

Constipation: This is the most common cause. Not soaking dry pellets and freeze-dried food can be the culprit as they expand within the stomach. Overfeeding: Most people will identify with feeling exceptionally bloated after a heavy meal, but for betta, this can cause issues with their swim bladder Usually, the betta will have a bowel movement within a day of the pea treatment. If the betta does not poo or there is no improvement, repeat treatment (fast and pea). If the betta is pooping normally at the onset of SBD, and/or there is still no improvement after fasting and feeding a pea, the cause may be internal parasites or bacterial. You can also treat constipation by fasting your betta, feeding them blanched peas and using epsom salt! If you liked this article make sure you check out the rest of the website. Otherwise have a great day

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Greens of most kinds will work for betta constipation. Peas work, too. I don't know much about the safety of beans, but I would feed peas. Safer bet. Another thing you can do is to give him more exercise. Try to get him to flare at and follow your.. So I noticed quite a lot of debate going on in a user thread that blew up, around them feeding too much of a pea to a betta. I thought it might be better to have an actual discussion thread to debate rather than try to argue in the point on a post actually dealing with the complications of feeding the betta pea and looking for advice

Feed the betta with 1/2 frozen, thawed and peeled pea daily. This is very effective. Lastly, feed the betta with thawed daphnia which is also effective and helps in case your betta doesn't accept the plea. Constipation can cause your betta's digestive tract to swell and press against the swim bladder; As a result, causing swimming and. The treatment of constipation in betta fish is extremely simple. Usually, fasting your betta for two to three days is sufficient to get their bowels moving properly again. After the fasting period, start feeding your betta live food, including daphnia, brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae Also, just to add. Before you try the meds, daily water changes of at at least 50%. Crank the temp up to 28/29/30 but make sure you add some more aeration or aim the filter outlet more at the surface. All this combined will help speed up her metabolism and hopefully pass the constipation faster (if it is). L Peas. Some people also suggest feeding your betta a pea if you think it has SBD. However, a pea should only be used for curing betta constipation. The pea being high in fibre is like a laxative. SBD can be a symptom for many illnesses, and is a main sign of betta constipation. However, if your betta has SBD, it doesn't necessarily have. Try feeding a pea. Put a frozen pea in hot water. Let it cool. Peel the covering and feed half to your betta in the morning and another half at night. Check within the next 24 hours for poop. A pea can be fed every two weeks just to encourage good digestion. Feed daphnia if your fish refuses peas. What to do if my betta has stringy white poop

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Nonetheless, a pea needs to just be utilized for healing betta constipation. The pea being high in fibre resembles a laxative. SBD can be a signs and symptom for numerous ailments, and is a main sign of betta irregular bowel movements. If your betta has SBD, it doesn't necessarily have irregularity Pea will help enormously to prevent this type of problem and therefore I consider that it should be part of the diet of the betta fish. Add aloe vera to the aquarium regularly. Among the many benefits it brings to the betta fish, one of them is also to prevent constipation If unsuccessful you can give your Betta a small amount of daphnia which helps to reduce constipation or others recommend feeding them the tiniest piece of cooked pea. Once your fish is passing faeces normally again it is important to cut down on the amount of food you were feeding him previously as this is a large contributing factor to Betta.

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Constipation is the most common cause of bloating in Betta fish.Swim bladder disease is the next most common disease, and after that is dropsy. Luckily, for constipation and swim bladder disease, the treatments are simple, and your Betta fish will recover quickly To cure betta constipation, do not feed the fish for one to two days. After fasting, feed the betta fish a tiny piece of a peeled pea until the abdominal swelling decreases. When the betta fish is having normal bowel movements, feed a variety of betta pellets, brine shrimp, and flake food. A couple pellets or flakes in the morning and at night. level 1. Gfunk98. 1 point · 6 years ago · edited 6 years ago. I think the problem with freeze dried is that it can cause constipation and swim bladder issues. I'm not sure about other foods but I know from experience that frozen blood worms can be pretty bad. I lost my king betta too it, so just be careful Betta. Constipation. Pea. Cheeto. Life. My fish is constipated. Read that again. My fish is constipated. Now, I've had a wide variety of health problems - definitely a variety of crap involving staples, lasers, bolts, and multitudes of morphine, but why in God's name does my fish have to have a health problem too? It just doesn't seem right The fiber in pea help betta to overcome constipation. In addition to that, betta can eat a short piece of mango. Single kernel, or leafy greens like lettuce. Bottom Line. By all the discussion it is clear now, betta being a carnivorous fish prefer to eat live food. But a portion of frozen or dried food, pellets, and flakes must be included in.

Treating Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease Caused by Overfeeding and Constipation: When treating betta fish swim bladder disease caused by overfeeding, excess air, and constipation, there are certain things you need to take note of. But, if overfeeding is what we are dealing with, then your betta's chances of survival are positively high A blanched, skinned piece of a pea is often helpful for a bloated betta with constipation issues. You might also try veggies like lettuce or cucumbers. Your betta may or may not eat them. These veggies are best left for this specific purpose and not as a regular diet item 100g of peas contains 4.8g of fiber and most fish foods contain 3-5g of fiber, so it's not really all that more fibrous. Not to mention, many pet fish, such as koi and goldfish, don't have true stomachs like us or your fuzzy pets, so it is harder for them to digest fibrous materials Instead, you can feed a small piece of a pea (1/4) once a day until its digestive system clears. You'll also want to provide tropical temperatures as mentioned earlier. Feeding your betta peas works well to clear simple constipation but won't do much for internal bacterial infections. In this case, it doesn't need fiber

Because bettas tend to have a dry food as their staple, and a very high-protein diet, they are prone to constipation. While the feeding of a mashed frozen pea is good for clearing up constipation, prevention is always the best medicine; fasting once or twice per week typically offsets digestive problems in average bettas Remove the skin as this cannot be digested by your fish and will make the constipation and swim bladder worse. Crush it and feed a small amount (about a fourth of the pea) to your Betta fish. Make sure the bits are small enough for your fish to ingest. As peas sink to the bottom of the tank, your fish might find it hard to catch it

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If your fish still hasn't righted themselves in the water after their rapid, attempt feeding either a small portion of daphnia- which works as a laxative- or a quarter of a blanched, icy pea- which is mostly indigestible to a betta fish as well as might aid to remove their system out However, it's important to fast your betta every 1-2 weeks. Fasting helps the gastrointestinal system play catch up with any food that has not fully digested. This will help prevent constipation in your betta. One day of fasting will be adequate and unless needed to treat a medical condition, you shouldn't fast your betta two days in a row Remember, a betta's stomach is about the size of their eye, so only feed 2-4 pellets 1-2 times daily. my betta cant poop my betta wont eat the pea when he is constipated what do you do when the pea doesnt cure your betta what happens if your betta fish is constipated and he doesnt want to take the pea click to vote now

Epsom salt is commonly use to treat constipation in betta fish (Image: zerobody.com) There are plenty of ways to deal with the betta constipation problem. The most common one is to feed your fish with more food rich in fiber. It works wonders if your fish only suffers mild constipation - and this method is like their first aid kit As per our understanding, a great way of developing this habit in the Betta can be by introducing peas in their diet. Peas can prove advantageous in curbing the bloating during constipation as its fiber cleanses the digestive system and relieves them of the painful system The next day, feed a pea that has been boiled and has outer skin removed. This is believed to act as a laxative to help this condition. Some betta owners will use an epsom salt dip, as this can act as a laxative for the fish (see salt article below) Betta Fish Diseases and Treatments Educating yourself ahead of time and being prepared for how to deal with a sick Betta is the best proactive approach you can make in caring for your fish! There are specific symptoms to look for, what causes the disease, and what the treatments are. Cooked peas help relieve constipation. Cooking the peas.

Blanched peas contain high amounts of fiber. If your betta does become constipated, feed them blanched peas to ease mild constipation. You'll take one, single pea and blanch it for 30 seconds to one minute in boiling water. This will soften it immensely. Drop the pea in ice water to cool it How do you Unconstipate a betta fish? Fast (don't feed) for 1-3 days, and depending on the severity of constipation up to 7 days. Place a mirror near the betta's tank or another betta to encourage them to flare. Betta fish often poop when flaring. If fasting doesn't help, try a Pea Diet: Place a frozen pea in hot, hot tap water for 2 minutes Food Method: If the fish will eat, try feeding softened (barely cooked), pealed, quartered peas, or presoaked freeze-dried or fresh Daphnia. Chickweed may also be effective if you can get the fish to eat it. Epsom Salts: If the fish won't eat, treat the water with pharmaceutical-grade, organic Epsom Salts

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  1. How to treat betta fish with epsom salt. How to do it. That seemed to stress him. Can be caused by a number of things or sometimes it just happens. It is contagious so isolate sick fish. Start by filling one container with 1 gallon of aquarium water and add one tablespoon of salt to it. Failing that try feeding him a boiled pea or some daphnia
  2. Here's how to treat swim bladder disease caused by constipation in your fish: Thaw a frozen pea. It is better to leave the pea to thaw naturally. However, as this disease's treatment can be time-sensitive I recommend microwaving it on the Defrost function. Boil the pea. Cook the pea in boiling water, while being careful not to overcook it
  3. It is also handy to know that some bettas are more prone to constipation than others, and dietary changes may help relieve the symptoms. Many owners recommend also feeding your sick betta fish a frozen pea that has been thawed and skinned. However, there is controversy about the method and I personally don't recommend it. 4. Use Epsom salt
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  1. Bettas will overeat if given the chance, to the detriment of their health. They can also suffer from constipation (indicated by bloating), which some say can be alleviated by feeding the betta a single thawed, cut-up frozen pea
  2. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies. Stomach starting growing 2 days ago, diet is strictly BettaMin flake medley, rejects anything else. Will go up to top and bottom of tank, is perfectly active. I can't tell if his scales are pineconed or he's just fat. He gets fed a lot because we love him so much, maybe a little too much. Can..
  3. Feeding your betta fish with peas is a good thing if you find your fish getting bloated or suffering from constipation. The pea which is boiled is a kind of fibre and helps the fish a lot from getting bloated. But make sure that you are not feeding the fish for one whole day if you have offered a pea in the previous days
  4. Betta fish will be prone to illnesses if the water quality is compromised. Common betta diseases include: Constipation. An overfed betta is prone to get constipated. Dried foods can also trigger constipation because they are not easily digested. The affected betta will have a swollen stomach, refuse to eat, and show inactivity
  5. All of Betta Fish - A Guide on Patterns, Color in the world Betta Fi... sh are among the most popular freshwater fish around the world. They are so well loved due to the many different shapes and colors which they can be said is King of beautiful fish
  6. I dont know where it is but it basicly describes the pea as actually being bad for a betta. for bettas, meat or meat based foods are their staple diets and bettas cant pass or digest vegetable based foods very well. in reality, the pea might actually worsen his bloat, constipation or SBD
  7. Hello all, I recently acquired my second betta, Nero, after losing my first, Razzle to a suspected infection after he developed popeye and become extremely weak. He was a Petsmart purchase, and sadly did not respond to the antibiotics/water changes I gave him. I think my having been using the..

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I lost one of my bettas and am so sad. I'm hoping to figure out the cause so I do not have a repeat. I suspect she/he ate some of the snail algae wafer and got constipated but I could be wrong. She has never had any issues and lives in a 10G heated with two zebra snails. I first noticed 4 days ag.. Betta may either float or sink and will have trouble compensating. If caused by constipation, bloating will be apparent. Treatment of SBD: If bloat is present, treat the constipation with the inside of a pea and/or fasting. If an injury is suspected, it should heal over time If you think your Betta is constipated, try either feeding them less or not at all for a couple of days, or feed them a shelled pea for a little extra fiber. If constipation isn't the culprit, there may be bacteria in the water affecting your Betta's swim bladder Skip to content. ACNV. Men If you notice your betta fish has a bloated belly, try to feed it with a de-shelled and diced pea. Give them toys. A good way to keep your betta happy and entertain is to give them toys to play with. Betta fish likes to push things around so ping-pong balls or betta balls are quite popular

Giant Betta Constipation Solution. Adult giant bettas are susceptible to constipation. Which, if not properly handled, can lead to death. Live brine shrimp and live or frozen daphnia should be made a daily feeding scheme because both these foods serve as a mild laxative Many people feed betta fish peas. While these shouldn't be a core staple of your Betta fish's diet, they are a great solution for when your fish become bloated or constipated. Peas have lots of fiber, which can help encourage movement in your Betta's digestive system. Peas can totally clean out your Betta fish and get its system moving again It is believed that pea feeding will help the fish to poop within 24 hours. Increasing the fiber content of the food is one of the best possible ways to improve pooping. Increasing the moisture levels in fish food is also important. Some brands do not contain a sufficient amount of fiber and moisture To treat constipation in betta fish, fasting might be needed for around 1 or 2 days. The other way to treat it is by feeding a single frozen pea without the skin. The fiber in frozen pea helps to move the blockage. Then, you can remove the uneaten pea after around 20 minutes. Ick; Ick is a disease caused by parasite infection Curing Constipation: Betta fish are extremely susceptible to over feeding, so constipation isn't rare by any means. The easiest way to cure this is to encourage your Betta to eat something that will act as a natural laxative. The easiest one is a frozen pea: Simply take one pea and microwave it in a small dish of water for 20 seconds or so

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Feeding your Betta a Pea. One of the oldest tricks in the betta book known to combat betta SBD and constipation is to feed it a de-skinned pea. This may sound a little strange, but it's been known to work effectively. The pea works as a laxative and clear a betta's gut Anyway you slice or dice it, this is stressful on a betta but a betta can die from constipation, so if no poo is seen after withholding food for one week and feeding tiny pieces of a frozen (but thawed!) pea after 3-4 days of fasting, then this is worth a try. Share this topic with: Share. Share with: Link: Copy lin If you add too many pieces of pea -- particularly if he doesn't eat them -- you can cause a spike in nitrate and nitrite levels as the food rots, so do be careful. Frozen peas are recommended by many as a regular additive to a Betta's diet, too. It can help prevent constipation, which can be a serious concern for Bettas. The first step to treating constipation is to stop feeding your fish for three days. At the end of the three days, you should feed some frozen daphnia to your betta for breakfast and dinner, no other meals. If you do not have access to frozen daphnia, you can feed part of a deshelled and blanched pea

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  1. Tip: if you see that your Betta is floated or constipated peas can help. Boil a pea will give the fish the fiber it needs to make their system regular again. To help keep the Betta regular give them a pea once a week followed by a day where the fish will fast
  2. utes. Also Know, is Epsom salt safe for Bettas? Epsom Salt for Constipation in Bettas Constipation is a common condition suffered by many types of fish, including bettas
  3. Constipation and Cod Liver Oil. Forum Information General Topics. General Chit Chat. Items for Free, Trade, or Sale. Used Equipment or Homemade Items for Sale. Bettas. General Betta Discussion. General Care and Feeding I started him on a treatment of Maracyn 2 just in case and I fasted him for a few days and gave him green pea but it.
  4. If your Betta fish is looking lethargic and spending time laying at the bottom of the tank, they could be sick. There are many diseases that affect Bettas. In fact, these fish tend to experience disease more often due to a weaker immune system. Diseases like Ich, Bloat, Dropsy, and more can cause Betta fish to get weak
  5. To help avoid or fix it, cook a frozen pea and de-shell once cooled, then feed the pea around once a week or as needed to treat the constipation and bloating. Follow the pea feeding with a day of fasting, until their digestive tract clears. Betta constipation. Spoiling your Betta fish with too much food can lead to constipation issues.

Add fiber-rich foods to their diet, such as daphnia and thawed frozen pea pieces. Fungal Issues . Check if any scale of your fish is discolored or their fins are tattered. If yes, research the symptoms and apply the right treatment to them as soon as possible. Betta Fish Is Stressed. When feeling stressed, betta fish will refuse to eat I have a male Betta living in a community tank that has a really swollen chest. It looks like he has swollowed a marble. Only noticed today. Tank is 20 gallons, heavily planted with 8 cherry barbs, 8 silver tip tetras and four siamese flying fox. Nitrates - 30ppm PH - 7.4 KH - 3 GH - 6 Ammonia an.. Tinned peas are the classic laxative for most fish, either whole (in the case of species like goldfish) or squashed (for smaller species, such as bettas). Other good foods include plants (particularly Elodea and Egeria ) and chitinous live foods (such as Daphnia and brine shrimp)

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Yes, betta fish can eat tropical fish food. But you should feed them according to their specific feed type. Tropical fish food can cause damage to the lining of the wall of the digestive system and can cause constipation and bloat. Betta fish should be managed with care and a proper diet Their staple food should be live or frozen food since they are the most nutritious of them all and their moisture quantity is high. You should feed your Betta a pea on a weekly basis in order to avoid constipation and bloating. Peas are rich in fiber that helps their bowel movements stay smooth Why is My Betta Fish Going Crazy? Your betta fish may act crazy for several reasons like improper water quality, stress or depression, nutrition, disease, old age, or hypoxia. All these factors badly affect your betta fish's mental and physiological health, making it act unusual. There may be single or multiple reasons behind this unusual behavior epsom salt won't help constipation, it's more for dropsy. the best thing to do is to stop feeding for 3 days. not peas, nothing. this will give her insides time to clean out a bit. then, after 3 days feed her another pea. then, feed her nothing the next day as well. after this return to normal feeding.Betta Constipated - How often Epsom Salt Bath

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To keep your betta's digestive system in good order and to prevent diet-related health problems from afflicting your pet, feed your fish once or twice daily, for six days per week, and include one fasting day when he doesn't have any food. I hope you enjoyed our betta feeding guide General Betta Discussion. General Care and Feeding. Small Tanks, Uncycled Tanks, and Bowls. Diseases and Priority Questions. Aquariums. General Fish and Aquarium Discussion. Water Conditioning, Filtration, Cycling and Water Chemistry. Diseases and Priority Questions. Other. Memorial Board. The Gallery. daphnia to keep bettas regular? Share Thread Still, aquarists prefer feeding peas to fish as they need fiber to prevent constipation. Peas also help the fish in stomach ailments such as swim bladder disease and bloating. While feeding peas, you need to ensure that it does not contain any additives. You can boil the frozen peas and feed your fish once the peas cool down Unusual findings on the betta: he's had constipation issues before so every once in a while I give him a few very small pieces of frozen thawed pea. In the past his belly on the bottom (near where he poops) would become swollen and the scales would pop out, but this time it's different

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Peas have fiber that could help to ease the constipation and bloating problem. For the healthy betas, pea will help to clean the digestive system. From human point of view, peas are small enough. However, giving the whole peas to betas is not a good idea. Try to compare the pea and betas body; it is almost one third or half of the body Betta fish can eat goldfish food, the Gastrointestinal tract of betta fish is sensitive to different conditions, and a little change in the pH of the food of the betta fish can cause serious consequences. The stomach of betta fish is easily susceptible to bloating and constipation. This should be kept in mind before offering the betta fish some. Swim Bladder Disorder (SBD) SBD is a very common ailment to betta fish and is typically a result of overfeeding. The SBD and treatment that I describe is assumed to be caused by overfeeding. A betta's swim bladder is an organ that allows the fish to float right-side up and gives the fish control over its buoyancy (see image below)

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Tank Info: How long the tank has been set up: about 3-4 months (he was in a 3.5 gal for a while but I got a new one) Size of the tank: 5 gallons, gravel bottom. Fish: one male crowntail Betta, had him since late March of this year. Plants & Misc: two fake silk plants, two decorations (roman pillars) Chemicals used: Top Fin Betta Water Conditioner Vegetables such as cucumber and peas are known to relieve constipation. However, always ensure the vegetables are boiled and cut into quarters first. A betta fish's stomach is only the same size as its eye, so a small piece of cucumber or pea is more than enough for your fish Constipation is usually caused by overfeeding and/or a poor diet. A lack of exercise can also contribute to constipation in betta fish. Just like us, moving helps get things moving. Relieve constipation in betta fish by allowing them to fast for 2 to 3 days. After fasting, offer food with fiber like daphnia, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and peas Bettas can be fed a quarter of a softened, shelled pea, very small amounts of boiled or steamed veggies like zucchini, or washed and steamed roughage like spinach and lettuce to help resolve constipation