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Yonaguni Monument, underwater rock structure that was discovered in the mid-1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan. While some believe the ziggurat -like formation is from an ancient city, others argue that it was naturally created Yonaguni monument facts for kids. A diver walking on the giant Yonaguni rock underwater. The Yonaguni monument is a group of very big underwater rocks. It is off the southern coast of Japan. It was discovered by local divers in the 1980s. The monument has staircase-like terraces with flat sides and sharp corners The Yonaguni Monument (Japanese: 与那国島海底地形, Hepburn: Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei, lit.Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography), also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins (与那国(島)海底遺跡, Yonaguni(-jima) Kaitei Iseki), is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan

The Yonaguni monument could be the legendary lost land of Mu A 19th-century British archaeologist called Augustus Le Plongeon introduced the legend of the lost continent of Mu. This was a new name for the mythical Atlantis, while others consider it a completely new mystery Facts About Yonaguni Monument - strangefacts Yonaguni Monument is one of all the famous monuments in Japan, perhaps none is more perplexing than Yonaguni, an underwater rock formation that lies off the coast of the Ryuku Island Back in 1986, local diver Kihachiro Aratake found what would be dubbed Yonaguni Monument west of Okinawa, Japan, off the coast of the tiny island of Yonaguni (Okinawa is a chain of islands) The Yonaguni Monument is important in Graham Hancock's documentary Quest for the Lost Civilization. The monument was featured on episodes of Ancient Aliens and History's Mysteries both on The History Channel. In an interview, Prof. Kimura was asked whether the ruins were artificial, and in what time period they were built

The formation is mostly composed of sandstone and mudstone, while various structures connect to the rock beneath them. The most prominent part of the Yonaguni Monument is a giant slab of rock that is nearly 500 feet long, 130 feet wide and 90 feet tall. The distance from the surface of the water to the top of the monument is around 16 feet One of these civilizations that have been gathering attention recently is the Yonaguni Monument on Okinawa Island in Japan's southern islands, dubbed Japan's Atlantis. The Yonaguni Pyramid is located just offshore on the Southside of Yonaguni Island. Yonaguni-Jima is one of the Yaeyama Islands and the westernmost inhabited island of Japan The Mystery of Japan's Yonaguni Monument: Documentary, Facts Roughly 25m underneath the waters of Japan lies an underwater rock pyramid. No one knows who constructed it and when; however, it exists, accessible to anyone who wishes to go down and investigate. It is known as Yonaguni Monument

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Yonaguni. It would be remiss to discuss megalithic Japan without first paying homage to the eerie underwater imagery of sharp stone angles, apparent causeways and unexplainable shapes that comprise the Yonaguni Monument site. Since being discovered in 1987 by a local scuba diving instructor named Kihachiro Aratake, two things make this place so unique: the, what appears to be so apparent. The Discovery of Yonaguni Monument (Japan's Underwater Pyramid) The Yonaguni Monument was first discovered in 1986 by a group of SCUBA divers looking to observe hammerhead sharks. Instead, they came across something far more exciting and mysterious: A huge underwater structure at a depth of just 26 meters below the surface

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Controversial Yonaguni Monument of Japan. The Yonaguni Monument is an enormous underwater rock formation that covers an area of 60 by 50 meters. It was first discovered in the mid-1980s by a scuba diver looking to observe hammerhead sharks. Pseudoarchaelogists believe it to be a monolith carved by man thousands of years ago The Yonaguni Monument or also known as the Yonaguni Submarine Ruins is a prehistoric submerged rock formation that is formed in weird large clusters up to 5 floors high and it is highly believed to be a 'completely man-made' artificial structure. The terraced formations were discovered off the coast of Yonaguni Island in Japan.

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Yonaguni Jima is an island that lies near the southern tip of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) off the eastern coast of Taiwan. A local diver first noticed the Yonaguni. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with aliens and the unexplained. I remember getting a book from the library about unexplained phenomena: the Bermuda Triangle, the Mary Celeste, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and much, much more. In the book, there was a short chapter on a topic that combined two things I love - mysteries and Japan. This chapter was about the Yonaguni Monument, the. I saw on the Ancient Origins Facebook page a series of photographs depicting what are claimed to be Paleo-Sanskrit inscriptions on broken tablets recovered from the geological formation known as the Yonaguni Monument because lost civilization believers think the underwater rock is the remains of an Ice Age temple.The pictures were new to me, but apparently they have been in circulation.

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Discovered in 1986 by a local diver just off the coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan's westernmost point, the Yonaguni Monument - a pyramid-shaped structure rising around 90 feet from the seabed featuring stair-like terraces - is quite possibly the most controversial submerged 'city' on this list - in fact, there's still no consensus on whether the structure is indeed evidence of an. The Yonaguni Monument is a rock formation off the southeast coast of the Japanese island of Yonaguni (approximately 110 km east of Taiwan), part of the Ryukyu Islands chain.The rock formation was discovered in 1987 by scuba divers of the island's local tourist board, who then informed Professor Masaaki Kimura of the University of the Ryukyus' marine geology department of their discovery The Yonaguni monument is an underwater rock megalith which is found just offshore, on the Japanese island of Yonaguni. Yonaguni is the western most of the Japanese islands and is only 223Km from Taiwan. To get to Yonaguni from mainland japan, takes roughly a 5 hour flight and you will change aircraft at either Okinawa or Isigaki (2) The most surprising and mysterious structure that is found in Yonaguni monuments is the Yonaguni pyramid, which has definite stairs and terraces just like the world famous pyramids of Egypt. (3) The other structures of the Yonaguni monument include ruins of a palatial building, which could be a castle as well, five temples, a triumphal arch and a large stadium Yonaguni Monument: Man-made structure or natural geological formation. THE YONAGUNI-JIMA KAITEI CHIKEI, LITERALLY translated as Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography, is an underwater mystery off the coast of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan.. The massive underwater rock formation is speculated to have existed for more than 10,000 years, but whether the formation is completely man-made, entirely.

Yonaguni is an uplifted island at the southwest most reaches of the Ryukyu arc. Tectonic activity is extensive in the region even today, and undersea earthquakes create a persistent risk of tsunami to the island. We would easily describe the buttes of Monument Valley as stepped but not regard them as literal steps. In fact, the. The Yonaguni Monument. The Yonaguni Monument is one of the lesser known mysterious places on the planet Earth which sits just off the coast of Yonaguni, in the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. The monument was discovered in 1987 when a shark diver discovered numerous structures laying on the seabed Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign In. Forgot your password? Sign U

Some authors have proposed that if the Yonaguni monument was, in fact, a human-made complex, it was then carved during the last ice age, or between 12,000 to about 10,000 years ago when Yonaguni was part of a land bridge that connected the site to Taiwan The Underwater Pyramids of Yonaguni. March 12, 2021. Off the coast of the westernmost island of Japan lies a mysterious and spellbinding submerged city from past times. Known as the Yonaguni Monument, underwater stone pyramid structures within these ruins are now the subject of exploration and scientific study via scuba diving and sonar

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  1. Yonaguni Monument Underwater Ruins off Yonaguni Island in Japan. Posted July 1 , 2006, Last updated January 7, 2007 . Click for big map : Air on Saturday, July 8 at 2 PM ET On the History Channel Japan's Mysterious Pyramids - Ancient Marvels. If you missed it, DVD is available for $24.95 as well..
  2. The Yonaguni Monument is more than 50 meters long in the east-west direction and more than 20 meters wide in the north-south direction. Its top is about 5 meters below sea level, while the base is approximately 25 meters below the surface. It is an asymmetrical structure with what appear to be titanic stone steps exposed on its south face
  3. The monument, as it is referred to, off the coast of Yonaguni is composed of sandstone and mudstone. The main feature of the area is a rectangular platform of over 5000 square feet, but there is also a star-shaped platform and rocks said to be shaped like columns and straight walls
  4. Amid controversy the Yonaguni monument is a submerged rock formation that is thought to be the remnants of a 10,000 year old Japanese civilization. It was discovered by Dive Tour operator Kihachiro Aratake in 1985. Masaaki Kimura a marine geologist at the university of RyuKyus in Japan has spent fifteen years diving amid the Yonaguni anomaly
  5. Yonaguni Monument- Japan's Atlantis or Myth. Yonaguni Jima is an island that lies near the southern tip of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago, about 75 miles off the eastern coast of Taiwan. It is a popular place to dive as it is home to a large population of hammerhead sharks during the winter. During a dive in 1987, Dive Tour operator Kihachiro.
  6. Yonaguni Monument . Vincent Lou from Shanghai, China/CC BY. The Yonaguni monument is a mystery all in itself. Found on the bed of the Yonaguni island, stone-like structures are making its visitors perplexed. Scientists aren't sure whether the monuments are a natural formation or something manmade

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  1. The Yonaguni Monument, also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins Yonaguni (-jima) Kaitei Iseki), is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. It lies approximately a hundred kilometres east of Taiwan. Masaaki Kimura, Professor Emeritus from the Faculty of Science at the.
  2. Yonaguni monument - Mysterious of the underwater pyramid. They resemble an architectural complex, including pyramids similar to the Inca pyramids, flat terraces, and massive steps. But whether it was completely man-made, natural or altered by human hands is still a matter of debate
  3. Yonaguni Monument, Japan. The Yonaguni Monument (Japanese: 与那国島海底地形 Hepburn: Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei, lit. Yonaguni Island Submarine Topography), is an underwater rock structure that was discovered in the mid-1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan. It is also known as Yonaguni (Island) Submarine Ruins.
  4. The main Yonaguni monument consists of layers of sandstone and mudstone, a rectangular rock formation measuring 150 meters by 40 meters, 27 meters high (492 feet by 131 feet, 89 feet respectively) and 25 meters (48 feet) deep at the base [Note 2]. The top of its structure lies about 5 meters (16 feet) below sea level (Christie, 2014, Schoch.
  5. The controversy that has erupted in archeological circles around the world since the discovery of an enigmatic structure, described by some as 'pyramid-like', at Iseki Point just off the southernmost Japanese island of Yonaguni-Jima, some 15 years ago, looks set to get even hotter as news emerges that the so-called 'Yonaguni Monument' is just one of a number of underwater megalithic structures.
  6. In the 20 years since Aratake's discovery, the Yonaguni Monument has become the center of an international controversy. Marine geologist Prof. Masaaki Kimura of Ryukyu University has spent more than a decade conducting scientific investigations in and around the site. His conclusions: The monument is a ceremonial center built on land by an.

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  1. Beneath the coastal waters of the Japanese island of Yonaguni lies a series of mysterious rock formations. Since its discovery nearly 35 years ago, the strangely symmetrical shapes and structures of the 'Yonaguni Monument' have led to fierce debate over its true origins
  2. The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock structure off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. While many archaeologists and geologists believe that the structure is a natural formation, [1] [2] some hold the view that some of its features are man-made
  3. The Yonaguni Monument is the name given to a natural underwater rock formation off of Japan that some people insist is a manmade city. An anonmyous listener wrote: In this case it appears that the skeptic's explanation is just as much based on speculation. No one has absolute proof as to how these rock formations were created
  4. istered as the town of Yonaguni, Yaeyama Gun, Okinawa and there are three settlements: Sonai, Kubura and Higawa
  5. ished, people left Yonaguni
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  7. Travel to East Asia and sort out the facts in this journey through Japan. The Japanese landscape is rugged, with more than four-fifths of the land surface consisting of mountains. There are many active and dormant volcanoes, including Mount Fuji (Fuji-san), which, at an elevation of 12,388 feet (3,776 metres), is Japan's highest mountain
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  1. Bad Bunny's new single, Yonaguni, is a fairly typical tale of love and longing, except for one thing: its title. The song's name references the Yonaguni island in Japan, the country's.
  2. The Yonaguni monument is a group of very big underwater rocks. It is off the southern coast of Japan. It was discovered by local divers in the 1980s. The monument has staircase-like terraces with flat sides and sharp corners. Most of academic society believe the rock formation is created by nature
  3. Yonaguni underwater pyramid structure discovered in East China Sea off the coast of Japan. Submarine ruins off the coast of Yonaguni-Jima have been estimated to be 10,000 years old at least. Evidence of ancient civilisations destroyed by floods, and the sea-level rises after the last Ice Age, with many inundations of ancient cities, and ancient underwater pyramids like the structures found.
  4. The special rock formation. The rectangular rock formation known as the Yonaguni Monument measures 150 meters by 40 meters and stands about 30 meters tall. With other angular structures around it, the monument certainly looks man-made, but there is a problem. Scientists estimate that the formation is many thousands of years old, created before.
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Yonaguni was part of the mainland for sure - and many other things are factual but the gist of it is not. 3. John Anthony West and the other people weighing in on this are a blight upon truth in league with the Bible Narrative Annunaki crap. or a harbor for a boat that would ferry people to the monument? Obviously this raises many. Freediving the Yonaguni Monument. The Yonaguni momument is an underwater 'monument' of rock. Scientists debate whether it is man-made or natural. It has a mystical appearance and is a great freediving location. It can be very hard to get to Yonaguni for a freediving trip but it is possible and it seems to be well worth the trip

Yonaguni, a tiny island belonging to Japan just 125 km away from Taiwan's coastline, is a must-visit place because of its unique attractions. Part of the Yaeyama Islands, which is located in Okinawa Prefecture, Yonaguni enjoys isolation and a variety of flora and fauna. Here are three things to do in this far end of Japan to the West which has a tiny population of less than 2,000! 1. Check. Showing posts with label Yonaguni Monument. Show all posts. Yonaguni Monument: Man-made Structure or Natural Geological Formation? Flame Rozario December 01, 2020 Add Comment Edit Of all the mysterious structures and Pyramids around the world, the Yonaguni Monument in Japan is certainly among the most intriguing.. 18 Yonaguni Monument, Japan. via Japan Info. We may not have found Atlantis yet, but a dive tour in 1985 did find an ancient structure that you might expect on land: a pyramid. Marine geologist Masaaki Kimura believes the Yonaguni Monument to be the ruins of a Japanese Atlantis, sunk by an earthquake 2,000 years ago The Yonaguni Monument, Japan. Google Images. 4. The Yonaguni Monument: The 2000-year-old Japanese Underwater Ruins that May or May not be Manmade. Exactly who was behind the construction of many mysterious structures is subject to speculation. However, some monuments are so unusual that some experts do not believe human hands built them at all

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14 Yonaguni Monument, Japan. via vacationidea.com. This giant rock formation located off the coast of Japan, is approximately a hundred kilometers east of Taiwan and has baffled scientists since it's discovery in 1987. Not sure whether it's a man-made or artificial structure, what is known is that it's composed of mudstone and sandstone. The tiny Japanese island of Yonaguni, near Taiwan, has become famous for the huge submerged rock structures found near its shores - the ancient city of a lost civilisation, some claim A small part of the Yonaguni Monument. Prices for single dives for certified divers start from about 8500 yen and typically only include a guide, transport, tank and wetsuit. Trial dives are available for non-certified divers, and the prices typically start from 15,000 yen including all equipment and gear Some archaeologists claim that the monument was carved out of stone Thats said, if Yonaguni monument was created on land and then swallowed by the sea, it occurred the last time sea levels rose which was over 10,000 years ago. This is where it gets really interesting, because this would predates the Egyptian pyramids and megalithic structures.

The Yonaguni Monument, as I refer to this structure, superficially has the appearance of a platform-like or partial step-pyramid-like structure. It has been compared to various pyramidal and temple structures in the Americas, such as the ancient Temple of the Sun near Trujillo in northern Peru (Joseph, 1997, pp. 4-5) The Yonaguni Monument lies underwater off the coast of Japan.Until this day, experts still argue about whether the Yonaguni Monument is man made or just a natural occurrence. By looking at the triangular shapes and terraced stones, experts find it hard to believe that this monument occur naturally.However, the Yonaguni monument attracts scuba. Archaeologists can't quite seem to agree on whether the Yonaguni Monument (called the Yonaguni Pyramid, by some) is man-made, or a coincidentally sophisticated construct of nature. If this giant stone monument is a relic of a civilization past, as some suspect, it could be the creation of a complex society of human beings that existed between. Japan's Yonaguni Monument. Since its discovery in 1987, the massive Yonaguni Monument off the coast of Japan has been a subject of debate between scientists, archaeologists and scholars. Many supporters claim that the site is natural but may have been modified by human hands like the rock-hewn terraces of Sacsayhuaman. If proven true, the. 'Facts like these fail to stem the current epidemic of mystery-fever. The Yonaguni monument has for some time played a key role in the world picture of archaeological dreamers. (12) Go Back. The One Archaeologist One archaeologist has dived at Yonaguni and studied its underwater structures first hand. Others in his profession who have.

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9 - Yonaguni Monument. Off the coast of Japan, a bizarre and mysterious monument was recovered at the bottom of the Sea. The gigantic ancient construction is known as the Yonaguni Monument, located at the waters in Yonaguni Island in Japan. The structure is characterized as extremely massive (490 x 130 x 90 feet), with almost perfectly flat. Yonaguni is famous for some mysterious underwater ruins called the Yonaguni Monument, and the mystery comes from the fact that nobody knows what they really are, when they were built or by whom. Their existence has led to countless debates, and neither the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs nor the government of Okinawa Prefecture recognises. யோனாகுனி நினைவுச்சின்னம் (Yonaguni Monument) என்பது யப்பான் நாட்டின்.

The strange structures are now widely known as the Yonaguni Monument, or the Yonaguni Submarine Ruins. Yonaguni Monument, Japan. It is a submerged rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni Island, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. It lies approximately a hundred kilometres east of Taiwan 41 Most Mysterious and Interesting Places on Earth. Ship Rock, New Mexico. Eye of Africa, Mauritania. The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, Uttarakhand, India. Iron pillar of Delhi, India. Mummy Of Sangha Tenzin, Himachal Pradesh, India. Yonaguni Monument, Underwater Ruins, Japan. Stone Spheres of Costa Rica. Sailing Stones of death valley, California The Yonaguni monument has for some time played a key role in the world picture of archaeological dreamers.(12) The One Archaeologist. One archaeologist has dived at Yonaguni and studied its underwater structures first hand. Others in his profession who have commented have done so from their desks after browsing through photographs or looking at.

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Yonaguni Island is the westernmost island of Japan, with a distance of 111 kilometers to the neighboring country Taiwan, significantly closer than the Okinawa Main Island which is 509 kilometers away. Irizaki, the westmost part of the island, has a stone monument indicating that it is the westernmost place in Japan, and it is a popular tourist. What do we see as we travel with the diver along the sandstone surfaces of the Yonaguni Monument (which is located less than a kilometer off the southeastern shore of Yonaguni Island 与那国島 and stands submerged in 25-30 meters of seawater at its base and a bare 5 meters of seawater at its top)? What do we see? is an important question, because the archaeological orthodoxy, with which.

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The Japanese underwater site known as the 'Yonaguni monument' has excited 'lost civilization' proponents ever since its discovery in 1986. Some believe the site to be a prehistoric site made by human hands, including step pyramid-like structures, while others say it's just a fascinating geological curiosity (and there are also theories that the site is a combination of both. The sea bed surrounding the Yonaguni Monument is full of evidence of human geometrical shaping of stone performed a minimum of 9,000 years ago (and possibly much earlier), before the post-ice age sea rose to fully claim this sandstone monument off the coast of the southernmost island in Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Yonaguni-Jima -- or as the locals.

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Watch What Is The Yonaguni Monument? | Japan's Underwater Pyramid | Unveiled - Unveiled on Dailymotio The Yonaguni Monument is an underwater Pyramid-shaped structure discovered in 1986, near the coast of Japan. Some leading experts say these are formed due to natural cause and some says it is a man-made monument. Prof. Masaaki Kimura said this monument is a man-made construction when the area was above sea level some 10,000 years ago Yonaguni . Only a short flight from Ishigaki Island Yonaguni offers not only a subtropical island feeling but also some fascinating diving thanks to an ancient underwater monument. Discovered in the 1980's the origin of the Yonaguni 'Iseki' stones still remain a mystery today

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7. The Yonaguni Monument. Youtube. These strange structures in the water off the coast of Japan, nicknamed Japan's Atlantis, have baffled scientists. Scientists are still not sure if these were man-made or natural. 8. Giant oarfish. R. This snake-like creature is the longest bony fish on Earth, and can grow up to 56 feet and weigh. Recent American saying: rhetoric is the last resort for those who lack facts. I'm more interested in genuine scientific study of geologic sites like Yonaguni than I am the ruminations of extinct Chinese culture. If you know of some evidence that I haven't been exposed to, I'd like to see it Yonaguni Monument. Japan. In 1987, a group of strange formations was found underwater off the coast of Yonaguni Island. These formations feature flat parallel edges, right angles, sharp edges, pillars, and columns—leading many to believe that the site could be man-made Facts About Yonaguni Monument - strangefacts Yonaguni Monument is one of all the famous monuments in Japan, perhaps none is more perplexing than Yonaguni, an underwater rock formation t... Popular Post A mixture of sandstone and mudstone makes up the mysterious Yonaguni Monument, which is 490ft by 130ft and around 90ft high. The location, sometimes described as Japan's Atlantis, lies in the.

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Mysterious Facts About The Crooked Forest of Poland. Crooked Forest (referred to locally as Krzywy Las) is where you will find around 400 pine trees are abnormally shaped with full 90-degree bends at their bases that curve towards the north. From its base, the trees bend into a C shape, it follows the same curve up to nine feet sideways. Yonaguni Monument: Yonaguni is a small island near Japan. Scholars believe that the first tribes and groups of people to migrate here came from China, during pre-historic times. In 1987, in nearby water of the island, divers made a shocking discovery, they had just found a massive complex of stone formation that resembled a Pyramid, that layer.

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Facts like these fail to stem the current epidemic of mystery-fever. The Yonaguni monument has for some time played a key role in the world picture of archaeological dreamers. An Atlantis Team boldly declared on the Internet: We found ourselves at the opening of an arched arcade of stone. At other websites the crag becomes a ceremonial. The Yonaguni Monument, 60 miles off the coast of Taiwan, has been the subject of debate, with some scientists claiming the mysterious stone steps and altars formed naturally, and others suggesting they could be the remains of an ancient city Oct 15, 2016 - Yonaguni Monument is a large underwater rock formation situated off the coastline of Yonaguni, which is situated in the southernmost part of Ruyuku Islands in Japan. In 1986 this monument was disc Browse 194 yonaguni stock photos and images available, or search for yonaguni monument to find more great stock photos and pictures. Satellite image of Yonaguni Island located between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, controlled by Japan on August 5, 2015